What Is SD-WAN And Necessary Steps To Be Taken While Deploying SD-WAN In Cloud

In this article, we’re going to discuss SD-WAN.

Network management is a matter of increasing concern to companies. The processing of data in the cloud and the exchange of information via telematics does not stop growing. Against this background, organizations are looking for technologies that simplify network management. 

Choose The Solution

In relation to the technologies that SD-WAN helps us manage, does it include, for example, Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) and the underlying connectivity?

It depends. Some vendors only sell the SD-WAN component, since they assume that their customers already have the Internet connection necessary to operate their WAN.

The purchase decision depends on how your WAN is configured. If your company wants to review its network infrastructure, purchasing service packages that include SD-WAN is often the most profitable option.


Can SD-WAN reduce the costs of managing my international WAN?

Yes, it reduces the cost so most of the companies prefer this.

Key benefits for companies managing multiple networks, often internationally, is the ability that SD-WAN offers to gain a global view of the network. 


Our company is distributed in many geographical regions. Often times, we do not have a complete view of our network and its many components. Can SD-WAN help us in this regard?

Yes, it is one of the maximum capabilities of SD-WAN. Offering detailed monitoring and visibility is the core of SD-WAN, which allows you to see and control your entire network, no matter where it is located.


And in relation to the hardware components of our network, can it help us?

It has the ability to fully virtualize network components, something very useful for those businesses with a greater geographic presence.

Rather than having to have the skills and staff to install new hardware in these locations, SD-WAN can be used to deliver network components as virtual appliances that can be operated from existing standard servers, with which the IT team current is already familiar.

Cost control

Now I know what the advantages of SD-WAN are. Do they represent an additional cost?

You should consider all of these elements together when evaluating the costs of implementing SD-WAN.

Generally speaking, only the ability to control your network in greater detail should lead to cost savings.

SCC is the technology partner you were looking for if your goal is to use a network that allows your company to face the challenges of the 21st century. 

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