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3 Seconds Is What Will Define The Success Of Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email Marketing Campaign : In the previous post I talked about the Flowchart because once you have it clear, the next step is to think about the concept, content, and copy that add value to an Email Marketing campaign. This part is super fun for me. Seriously, it’s time to think creatively about what and how to send them that message that will make them click the big, irresistible button. 

Keep in mind that the more added value the development of your message has, the more likely you will be to captivate your database, that is, do not limit yourself to sending only commercial emails. Try to give them a reason not to unsubscribe from your mailing list. It’s as simple as applying it to yourself, think how many emails you receive daily, right, to many of those, your natural reaction is to delete them just by seeing them. simply because they fill up your mailbox, many are super invasive, annoying, and take up a lot of your precious time.

Well, apply this to yourself. Of all the emails you receive, what differential point do the emails have that you like and keep? Which ones are able to hold your attention for at least 2 or 3 minutes? Use that as a reference and try to draw inspiration from them. It would not be bad to notice how your competition does. Realize that your emails are going to request that valuable time, so your message must be short, impressive, and represent value for them, if not, your emails will end up marked as SPAM. I recommend that you personalize the emails, receiving a generic email is the same as receiving a mail addressed to your name, right?

Content And Copies That Provide Value

Now, we must start with a concept first, but to find that concept try to think in reverse, think as if you were the user who is going to receive the mail. What do you think when you receive an email?: Who is it? What do you offer? What should I do? Why? So that? How? The message must realistically answer these questions. For them, I recommend that you first compile information, structure it very well, synthesize it and rank it in a very clear and simple way. The structure of the content should be: a headline, explanation, call to action or promotional text that invites you to click on the button.

Now, once you are clear about the concept, it must permeate consistency in all the pieces of the circuit or flow diagram. A very simple flowchart could be an initial email that sends users to a landing page to buy a product. 

For now, there are two pieces, the initial mail and the landing page ( as the word says, it is a “destination” page, where users arrive from different channels, in this case, Email Marketing ), there the page must search in the users one action, buy, subscribe, sign up for a party, read your recently published post, etc. Well, each of these pieces must be consistent with the concept you want to give it.

To give you an idea, the most common elements of an eMailing are the subject of the email (very important to generate the opening, which should draw attention), visual and impressive header, short campaign headline and clear, brief development, a good call to action (it is the text that encourages the click), the striking button where they should click and finally the footer (footer).

Keep in mind that we are in an era full of information, surely the word intoxication sounds familiar to you because here we must take great care of simplicity. We must make things easy for the user so that they do not have to think much, remember that we are very impatient on the internet, with less than 3 seconds we decide which email interests us and which one does not. With this, we must send a message or two at most. In fact, I would recommend just one very clear and to the point.

Imagine that each element of the email should be like a well-fitted puzzle, however, it is all part of the subject, if the subject does not catch your attention, you do not open the email, right?

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