Benefits Of Email Marketing

Benefits Of Email Marketing

Benefits Of Email Marketing : In the following article, we will talk about the benefits of Email Marketing as one of the most widely used online communication techniques currently in the Digital Marketing environment and how we can get the most out of this practice for our companies.

The benefits of email marketing  that we obtain from putting this communication technique

1. Profitability

If we compare the cost of carrying out Email Marketing campaigns with other communication channels, such as radio, television, SMS, etc., it is truly profitable for our companies.

Carrying out Email Marketing campaigns, we manage to reach our potential clients by optimizing the time and resources available. In addition, we avoid incurring costs of printing, stamps, sealing, etc.

In fact, the most important reason that companies‘ marketing departments take into account to carry out Email Marketing campaigns is, precisely, their low cost.

2. Speed ​​and efficiency

If we compare it with the rest of advertising media, we can personalize and segment our campaigns to the maximum and we can even spread them through social networks, thus optimizing the impact on our followers.

3. Versatility

Another advantage that we can highlight from the use of this online means of communication is that it gives us the possibility of using different formats when creating our templates: we can include images, videos, and music and use a wide variety of tools that help us call the attention of our customers.

4. Measurement

One of the main differences between traditional marketing and digital marketing is that the latter gives us the ability to measure our actions very precisely.

Email Marketing provides us with almost immediate data on the success of our campaigns through different indicators: opening rate, number of clicks or bounce rate.

There are many Email Marketing tools that even give us the ability to measure the impact of our shipments in real-time.

The importance of measuring lies in the fact that, through the results obtained, we can make different decisions and even personalize shipments according to user movements.

5. Segmentation

Another truly important and beneficial feature of Email Marketing is the enormous segmentation capacity that we can carry out when sending to our customer database, being able to apply different criteria and segmentation models.

We can even divide our list of subscribers into segments, taking into account in advance when collecting data those that are not more relevant, since some of them will be available in the very tool that we use to send our messages, such as IP address, the response rates to our mailings or if they have purchased a specific product and/or service.

6. Personalization

We can personalize the messages that we send to our clients or potential clients, unlike what happens with other communication channels where our actions are massive.

Since we have personal data in our lists, we can personalize shipments by addressing our customers by name and, in addition, we can use information such as their city of residence, their age, their purchase history, etc., with the aim of personalizing the maximum of our shipments.

For example, if we have an online store, thanks to Email Marketing we can send automated and personalized messages to customers who have abandoned the shopping cart with a reminder and including a discount or promotion to encourage them to complete the purchase and, step, we take the opportunity to retain these customers through these offers.

The segmentation capacity that it gives us is key in our communication strategies, since our results can be negatively affected if we send information to users who are not interested in our products and/or services.

It is a direct technique that is characterized by not being invasive, as long as the users have accepted the reception of our shipments.

Email Marketing allows us to measure the results practically in real-time, which gives us very valuable information about our campaigns and the interest they arouse in our customers.


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