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How To Do Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing : The Internet has given us the speed of obtaining information and the possibility of communicating from anywhere in the world, at any time, and with instant reception of messages. This latest technological discovery, known as web 2.0, has had such an enormous impact that many industries and sectors depend today on social media marketing.  And that your product revolves around them.

7 Steps To Crafting a Social Media Marketing Strategy

There is an approach and external study of your company, sector, environment, and competition that you cannot leave behind. This will be key to establishing the objectives that best fit with the general ones, or with which the business growth of your brand is triggered. 

External analysis of social networks

Studying and understanding the environment in which your company operates is important to know what other companies do, what external aspects have marked their behavior on social networks, and why.

Analyze the environment of your company and sector

This analysis will help you understand why today’s consumers behave the way they do on social media with your product or service. Which will tell you in which phase or phases of the sales funnel you can find them. And with it, fine-tune your marketing strategy on social networks more.

Market research and target audiences

Who are you addressing? You should already know in advance who your target is, your ideal client. But in social networks, things change. You will not necessarily find the same type of target audience, with the same demographics, or with the same interests.

Making a sketch of the type of users you are targeting , and that you are interested in capturing, must go hand in hand with the objectives. Well, you are not going to focus your social media strategy on the same type of target if you want to increase sales, or just want to create engagement.

Internal analysis of your social networks

Having an x-ray of everything you’ve been doing so far, and what your interests are, is the first step to self-explore your presence and performance on social networks.

Analysis of your publications

If you are starting from scratch, go to the next point. If not, dust off your profiles and open them, to start analyzing what has been published, for what purpose, and what performance you have achieved.

Set goals and KPIs

And what kind of goals can they be? Are they the same ones you have established in your social media marketing strategy? Well not necessarily. Let’s be aware for once that social networks are a separate virtual world, a much more open channel, with a whole horizon to explore.

Benchmarking study

What are your competitors doing on social media? It is possible that your direct business competitors are not the same on social networks, and be careful with this. Logically, you have to follow the first ones very closely and anticipate all their steps. But what if what you are looking to achieve is already achieved by other companies in your sector that you did not have so much in mind before? 

What Are You Going To Communicate To Your Audience?

Linking this point with the last sentence, the strategy should never revolve around your product or service, but rather your ideal audience and what they expect to see from you, depending on which social network you choose. Take a look back at what you have studied about your environment and your competition and see what other value propositions you can offer your digital audience.

7 Types Of Social Media Content That Make A Difference

  • fast-content

The brief content is clearly the most consumed. The reason is obvious: its reading lasts less, it is easier to interact with, and more accessible since social networks are already part of the habits of an average user. 

  • Videos

The video format has been the most consumed in 2019 and will take even more prominence  according to a study by the  IAB. Although  YouTube is the platform that has had the most pull and where this type of content is consumed the most (it is the only format that it supports), TikTok is really the application that is about to become the video social network of the moment. 

3. Photo carousel

The photo carousel, a kind of album that slides sideways, is publishable on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Depending on which social network you are in,  the option to use it is different.  

4. Podcast

A  podcast consists of audio content, generally long, in which interviews, agendas, and trends are usually broadcast… In short, they are much more professional, technical, and current topics.

5. Animations and GIFs

These types of publications are the children of fast content because they are uploaded in short video format, even if they are actually animated images. And they are the most attractive, volatile, dynamic, and capable of playing in different areas and modalities.

6. feed puzzle

What is a puzzle feed? First of all, you should know that this content option is only for Instagram. If this social network is not interesting for your brand, you can go to the next point. 

7. Infographics and vertical images

Be careful with infographics, which cannot be published on all social networks due to their size. And in those that do, they only have usability when viewed on mobile. However, infographics are usually quite interesting when they contain technical information, points, guidelines or processes, and, of course, graphics.  The best social networks to publish them are LinkedIn and Twitter.


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