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Why You Should Use Email Marketing

Email Marketing : A study prepared by the company which specialized in the control of advertising activity, indicates that during confinement companies were more suspicious when it came to investing in advertising since the economic activity was very paralyzed by the state of alarm.

The consequence of this decision is a drop in advertising investment of 27.9% for the whole of the first semester.

We can consult its study of advertising investment, which refers to the behavior of this spending by companies when for the first time the digital sector surpassed other formats such as television, the radio or the written press, at least in the controlled media.

Even today, due to the country’s economic and health situation, there are many uncertainties about the future, and it is logical that many companies continue to be cautious with advertising spending. But online marketing offers cheap and accessible tools that generate a high return on investment, and email marketing stands out among them.

Today, giving up this formula for approaching customers seems reckless, since practically everyone checks their email every day. The simple possession of a smartphone or a tablet-type mobile device requires the opening or possession of an email account so companies have to take advantage of this situation.

We can develop campaigns with personalized mailings or other less selective ones. In addition, it is important to thoroughly study the purpose pursued with this marketing action, since sometimes the campaign will be more focused on informational issues, publicizing a project or a new promotion, while in others the objective will be more focused on direct selling.

In any case, one of the best-known strategies is the newsletters, the informative bulletins that companies send to subscribed users and in which they indicate all the news and novelties of the firm or the sector in question.

What Are The Positive Aspects Of Email Marketing?

It is a very cheap technique, a direct communication channel with the user, and a little intrusive channel. Email marketing tools are also very diverse, but in choosing them we must take into account which platforms or programs are going to allow us to obtain a greater response from customers. In this case, the economic issue should not be a priority, but must be considered together with this other variable, the ability to reach the customer and that he shows interest in the company.

A second positive aspect of this digital marketing formula is its high reach capacity. The counterpart of this phenomenon is that you have to use email formats that are comfortable to consult from these screens, so as not to receive a rejection from customers.

All this, added to the fact that it is a technique that offers a high ROI, much higher than that of investment in social networks, makes email marketing an essential investment for any company. In any case, we must not forget that any advertising or marketing activity that is designed will only be effective if it is well directed, with a well-selected target, and with personalized and periodic mailings, without being intrusive or annoying.

Thus, just as this channel should be used to get closer to customers and attract their attention, it is advisable not to put all your eggs in the same basket.

Accompanying this with content marketing that is powerful to improve the user’s permanence times on the web and design functional and intuitive spaces are other ways that must be exploited. When it comes to investing in advertising, diversification is vital. In addition, all of them must be explored in a specific way and combined with the rest of the techniques, to reach customers in one way or another.

Email marketing continues to be a very useful direct communication channel with customers that any company should take advantage of in its digital strategy. Its combination with the publication of campaigns on other social networks is vital to reach more consumers with the company’s news.


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