All You Need To Know About CISCO DNA

Cisco DNA automates, protects, and secures network performance

Companies have to face, more and more, a greater saturation of corporate networks. A situation that has worsened in recent months by allowing employees to access the company’s applications remotely to facilitate teleworking in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But, fortunately, companies today have cutting-edge technology to guarantee the security of communications and data traffic necessary to allow the entire company to work remotely with a great user experience.

Advanced tools that take advantage of the full potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and that adapt to the rhythm of the company to guarantee the necessary bandwidth so that data traffic flows continuously.

In this context, Cisco offers organizations advanced solutions such as Digital Network Architecture (DNA) to harness the power of the intuitive network, as defined by the telecommunications giant.

Companies can implement the intuitive Cisco network through the Cisco DNA Center and Cisco DNA software.

What Does CISCO DNA Software Offer Businesses?

Cisco DNA automates, protects, and secures network performance so it can fully support and respond quickly to new business demands.

The software is based on four pillars:

1.Policy-based automation: The solution allows managing policies based on identity and network segmentation to automate processes as much as possible.

2.End-to-end visibility: It is a tool that is based on deep analytics (deep analytics) and applied intelligence for problem-solving, correction and assurance (assurance).

3.Secure connectivity: The solution increases security to the maximum with the latest sensors and executors that include security innovations.

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4.Support services: The software implementation includes a software support service that aims to solve complex questions through  24 × 7 Technical Assistance Center.

Cisco DNA software is managed through the Cisco DNA Center.

What Does  DNA Center Offer Organizations?

 DNA Center offers centralized network management based on Cisco intent.

 In addition, it is a tool that can be integrated with third-party systems to improve processes.

DNA Center Features

These are the main features offered by this Cisco solution:

Network Design: The solution allows you to design the network using intuitive workflows, starting with locations where the network devices will be deployed.

Provisioning: Uses policy-based automation to deliver services to the network based on business priority and to simplify device deployment. Automating this process reduces device installation or upgrade time from hours to minutes and enables new remote offices to connect online with the ease of plug-and-play from a standard Cisco device.

SCC provides  DNA organizations so that they can be more competitive and take advantage of the advantages of digital transformation.

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