Low Investment Ideas To Earn A Very Good Living

Low Investment Ideas To Earn A Very Good Living

Low Investment Ideas To Earn A Very Good Living : Setting up a business with low initial investment is a very valid option for many entrepreneurs. Above all, in those sectors that have great growth potential.

C2C Marketplace

A low-investment model and taking advantage of the fact that sustainability and the promotion of the circular economy are in fashion can be the creation of platforms for the sale of second-hand items, which are more valuable than ever. It is based on the creation of platforms that put users interested in disposing of goods that they no longer use in contact with others that need them. Hence the name costumer to costumer (C2C)

Wallapop or Vibbo (now owned by Milanuncios) are some of the solutions that exemplify the model and show that it works.

Outplacement Service

It is based on offering a service to companies with problems or threats of closure, helping them relocate employees who are forced to lay off. It would be a kind of employee outplacement agency whose performance requires many contacts in the corporate world and experience in areas such as human resources. There are companies that carry out Outplacement advisory work both at a corporate and individual level and, although the barrier to entry is high in terms of experience and relationships, the investment to move on your own in this market is practically nil and it is usually very good service. well paid. 

Hotel Management

From a technology point of view, tools that help optimize price, occupancy, and reputation management across all your channels: decide what to offer, to whom, and how based on when and where you are. They also need to innovate in automatic check-in processes. And the introduction of virtual reality, augmented reality and 3D images to combine the virtual world with the real world.

The Pet Economy

As a result of this phenomenon and the care that is lavished on them, an entire industry centered on the economy of pets arises, the pet economy, a boom that spreads throughout the world and moves billions every year.

Some of the businesses that revolve around this market are not simply because, in many cases, they are replicas of others aimed at humans, such as clinics or hairdressers. However, it also opens the door to other options available to any animal lover. Thus, offers arise with pet walking and temporary accommodation services to which some, with more experience, add private training. You can also offer yourself as a professional pet photographer, or portraitist or dedicate yourself to searching for lost pets for which financial rewards are usually offered.

Sale Of Stamps 

Although less, philately and numismatics retain the sympathy of thousands of collectors. The proof is that numerous Spanish towns maintain the custom of reserving a public space and a certain day a week so that these fans can make their transactions and find out about the latest news.

Some of these pieces are highly valued, such as those showing the image of Elizabeth II printed, by mistake, in blue instead of orange. They are very rare and one of them was sold in 1974. If you have a collection, the first thing you have to do is appraise it and document it, then you can put them up for sale on specialized portals, such as ‘everything collection’, although they can also be tokenized by turning them into an NFT, of course, part of the grace of collecting lies in conservation 

Experience Marketing

It would be about developing ideas for restaurants, shops, hotels… aimed at generating engagement with their customers through experiences. For example, organize talks about art with professionals from the sector.


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