RedIRIS Evolves Towards A Dark Fiber Network Model Check Here

RedIRIS Evolves Towards A Dark Fiber Network Model

In this article, we are discussing on fiber network model. So, let’s dive into the article.

  • RedIRIS has completed twenty years with the same illusions and objectives of the first day: to continue contributing to the development of the scientific and academic community in Spain. In the next three years, under the name RedIRIS Nova, the network will provide greater capacity and interconnection features.
  • In 1988, the year in which the Internet was still an unknown tool for almost everyone, RedIRIS was born, an advanced communication network that appeared with the aim of supporting the academic and research.
  • Since then, the evolution that the ICT sector has experienced in our country, and in particular that of the Internet, has been dizzying. “Twenty years ago, the birth of RedIRIS was the first contact we had with the Internet.

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  • Although at first RedIRIS began to operate with four organizations, among which Fundesco or the Complutense University of California stand out, it currently serves more than 140,000 researchers from 300 affiliated institutions, mostly universities and public research organizations .
  •  The mission of RedIRIS is to make a high-capacity communications network available to affiliated institutions that enables remote participation of researchers in national and international projects, even when massive data transfers are required.
  • This network also allows the provision of advanced services such as multicasting, IPv6, level 2 virtual circuits, etc. “Since its inception, it has become a fundamental element for the cohesion of research, to improve competitiveness and to continue advancing in Spanish R&D,” said Francisco Ros, Secretary of State for Telecommunications and for the Society of the Information of the MITYC.
  • To achieve all these services, RedIRIS cooperates with other academic and research networks worldwide. Thus, it is coordinated and interconnected at the national level with the regional research networks, and worldwide with Géant2, from where it connects with the rest of Europe, and covers global connectivity with the other research networks: RedCLARA Internet2 (USA) or TEIN2 (Asia-Pacific). “RedIRIS is the basic infrastructure for  research,”  Secretary of State for Research at the Ministry of Science and Innovation (MICINN). “
  • At present, RedIRIS has 18 national nodes, one for each autonomous community, plus two in the Canary Islands.

The Future

  • In order for RedIRIS to continue promoting innovation in this sector and helping the development of the Information Society and research in our country, it is planned that during this legislature its backbone network will evolve from its current capacity rental model to a model of dark fiber network, which will make it possible to have multiple very high-speed circuits on the same fiber, increasing its capacity and interconnection performance.
  •  Something similar to what is being done by the academic and research networks of other neighboring countries. “We are at the forefront, but we have to take another step and put ourselves at the forefront of that leadership,” explained Ros.
  • This new dark fiber network will be deployed within the framework of a project called RedIRIS Nova, led by the MICINN in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry and developed by “With RedIRIS Nova we are going to explore the Internet . Furthermore, as a country, it will allow us to give impulse to the researcher and the entire sector, allowing the telecommunications market to increase its value .

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