8 Qualities That Will Make You The Perfect Housekeeper Check Them

8 Qualities That Will Make You The Perfect Housekeeper

 If you really want your new job to last you, you will have to do your best to become the ideal housekeeper , capable of meeting the highest expectations of your employer.


  • Punctuality is essential in any job. Being late or not going to work without a good reason, and without prior notice, is a serious offense that can lead to dismissal. In addition, these types of actions deteriorate the image that your employer has of you. This is the foremost quality any housekeeper must have.
  •  For this reason, always try to be punctual, and if for any reason it is not possible, make a phone call to report the situation and, above all, apologize for any inconvenience you may cause.


  • Show your employer that you are a person who can be trusted, for that you need to be honest at all times. If you say you are going to do something, do it! Honesty is a highly valued quality, and telling the truth is always the best option, whatever the situation. 
  • Being someone who can be trusted is admirable and valuable in your relationship with your employer.


  • Treat your employer with the respect that anyone deserves. It is important to always speak respectfully to our employer, even in situations of disagreement.
  •  This quality is very important, since a serious lack of respect can lead to immediate dismissal. In addition, respecting the privacy of our employer is essential to reach a fully trustworthy employment relationship.

Positive Attitude

  • Maintaining a good attitude at work is important to maintaining a friendly environment and relationship.
  •  For this, try not to bring personal problems to work, as they can affect your attitude, performance and your relationship with your employer.


  • It is essential to maintain the rhythm of work. Many times we start with a lot of desire and energy, but little by little our enthusiasm begins to diminish, and with it our rhythm and productivity.
  •  That is why it is essential to maintain a constant and continuous effort.


  • Things don’t always go as planned. That is why you must be able to adapt to situations as they arise.
  •  It is not good to get stuck in the routines that we know, as performing unplanned tasks can also be interesting and rewarding.


  • Thinking that you already know everything you need to get the job done is not good or smart. 
  •  You can, for example, improve your recipes, clean in areas where you don’t usually clean, or motivate children with new activities.
  •  Anything that makes you improve as a worker and as a person and improve yourself every day will improve the image that your employer has of you.


  • Being an organized person at work is essential to meet the objectives set in the established time. 
  • Establishing a routine for cleaning tasks is essential to this end. To have an orientation guide on how to plan your cleaning tasks, we invite you to read the article “How to organize yourself and be more efficient with your housework.” These are some of the qualities that housekeeper should have.

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