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Major Trends In Social Networks In 2021

As the end of each year approaches, many articles of this style are written. Next, we will see the trends in networks for 2021.

At first it may seem like a “crystal ball” exercise, but the professionals who are immersed in them every day, more or less can give an opinion, humble opinion, of “where the shots will go”. Get closer to a forecast of, not only what social networks can offer us, but what the set of users of these is already asking for.

How could it be otherwise, I will start with an unfortunately current issue, the Covid-19 situation.

Communication Itself In Social Networks

Within this trend I will tell you that more than a trend in itself of social networks is a reality that all companies, shops, brands . should have. It is a new way of communicating; closer, more “head on”.

A communication in social networks that is even more transparent than it has been until now. The constant changes in regulations, schedules, types of products and services, etc. they will have to be communicated in a timely manner, as always, but now knowing that the public is more digital than ever, and, furthermore, that it is also more limited than ever.

Video Is Not An Option, It Becomes An Obligation

The social media user no longer reads; well, to be exact I would have to tell you that you read less and less. It consumes ephemeral, agile content , with a lot of graphics and little text.

 Those companies, shops and brands mentioned above must take this into account. Throwing themselves “into the camera“, to lose the fear of telling what they did before in a post like the one they read, but in a more graphic way, and there is no better solution for this than video.

In addition, these resources should be short, genuine and memorable , that is, it will be preferable that they make 5 short explanatory videos of something and gradually manage them (at the publication level), than a long video in which everything is told.

Tik Tok Is Not A Child’s Thing …

Since its creation, this network has been seen as a tool for a “pre-youth” target. Boys and girls who were between 8 and 12 years old, and used it to perform dances, challenges and have fun among their “pandi”.

Currently it has changed, and a lot. TikTok has become a powerful social network  in which celebrities, political parties, big brands are already present … The creativity and imagination that can be achieved with its use is far from any network. Instagram is trying it with the incorporation of “reels” , but personally I think that, in this type of content, TikTok is several leagues ahead.

In addition, no matter what type of business unit they have, everything has a place in “the queen of video”. In Spain there are already more than 14 million downloads, and an average of 7 times a day is consulted. Data without a doubt to take into account and know that in the year 2021 it can be a great success to have a professional account on TikTok.

Humanization Of  Social Networks

I have always defended that there are no two types of Marketing, referring to Mkt On-Line and Mky Off-Line separately; I am convinced that both are Marketing in themselves, and that they have to be seen as a whole. That said, social networks are an excellent channel for the humanization of brands and companies in general.

The trends in social networks for 2021 are aimed at bringing the day-to-day activities of companies closer together , getting more “behind the scenes” , trying not to tell what they can do or sell, but to say that they are doing it or how they are selling it to someone else client…

Sale, Sale … And More Sale

When I give my lectures and talks, I usually say that “social networks are not to sell, but to convince . ” Well, things are changing anyway … As a result of the situation that seems to be with us for a few more months, social networks are implementing formulas so that their channels can also be used for direct sales . But we are not talking about a conventional direct sale, we are talking about a totally personalized sale . Current technology with Big Data and AI at the forefront allows customization to previously unattainable limits of the sale; If we add to this the need that companies will have to automate processes, it will be the perfect cocktail for social networks to take advantage of the opportunity.

Turn For Micro-Influencers

The arrival of social networks allowed the “democratization” of information. It is true that there are many “fake news” , hoaxes, etc., but there is no doubt that it has given a loudspeaker to many voices that did not have it, but they did have very interesting things to tell.

Consequently, those people we call “influencers” have emerged . Let me tell you that influencers have always existed , in one way or another, by one name or another, but they have always been there. The only thing that, as I pointed out previously, with the arrival of social networks, messages could be launched not only by traditional media, but by any person or entity that had a connection. In social networks we have the same square meters as any company or multinational, the same space, the same interface .

“The person who has the most followers is not an influencer, but the one who has real power to influence …”

Within the trends in social networks for 2021, I place the more than notable rise in the use of micro-influencers . As you know, those accounts that have a smaller number of followers than the “celebrity” are called that. They are usually placed in scales of between 10,000 and 100,000 followers.

If there is something good about carrying out campaigns on social networks with micro-influencers, it is that they will be able to know in greater depth how they transmit, how they relate to their followers. Without a doubt, they are the ones that generate the most and best “engagement” . In addition, they are infinitely cheaper to hire campaigns than a conventional influencer.


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