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Are There Alternatives To MailChimp?

The best alternatives to MailChimp will be discussed in this article.

  • Newsletters have been a proven marketing tool for some time now and today they are almost exclusively sent by email. With email marketing tools like the renowned MailChimp, even the least accustomed to doing so can run large-scale campaigns without spending endless hours on a program. 
  • However, the funny monkey in his logo is dealing with some very noteworthy rivals today.

What Does A Good Email Marketing Tool Include?

  • The requirements of these platforms can vary greatly depending on whether the newsletter is used to launch a marketing campaign for a new product, to keep a community informed, or to introduce new articles to blog readers. Still, there are certain must-have features that can’t be missing from the perfect MailChimp alternative. Any email marketing tool should be able to:

These Are The Best Alternatives To MailChimp

  • The market for email marketing tools is not short of options, which usually diverge in terms of the functions mentioned above, but often also in issues such as ease of use and price.
  •  MailChimp strikes a good balance in this regard, being above all the clarity of its design and its flexible rate plan (which includes a freemium system) the aspects that most attract users.
  •  However, the providers listed below also offer tools that make email marketing tasks easier.

Get Response

  • The company founded in 1998 in Poland today has around 350,000 customers in more than 182 countries. Originally launched as an autoresponder system, Get Response offers companies numerous options for optimizing their online marketing.
  •  With this popular MailChimp alternative you can send newsletters, design landing pages, and even create your own webinar.
  •  Easy to use, the program has about 500 templates and 1 000 stock photos, as well as an editor that allows you to customize the design of emails with drag and drop and HTML. With the option of A / B testing and dynamic content creation, this tool is also a valuable MailChimp alternative for marketers.


  • The company behind Emma was founded in 2003 with a corporate policy as friendly as its visual design, offering special advantages to non-profit organizations or universities, for example.
  •  In terms of functions and handling, Emma resembles its main rivals Get Response and MailChimp, although the platform has its strength in automatic sending: by evaluating the user’s habits, it determines the perfect time to deliver the newsletter with the intention of opening it. .
  •  With this, newcomers also have the opportunity to carry out professional email marketing.


  • Available in the market since 2010, more than 100,000 customers in 150 countries turn to Mailjet to implement email marketing campaigns.
  •  With the “all-in-one” solution for small and large companies, users can create and send the classic newsletters, as well as transactional emails or SMS on a large scale: the email servers, based in Germany, allow to send up to ten million emails per hour.
  •  In addition, the integrated campaign tracking function or the A / B test tool provide, among others, the necessary elements so that you can monitor and optimize your own email marketing strategy.

Constant Contact

  • The North American provider Constant Contact has been on the market for more than 20 years and is especially aimed at small businesses.
  •  In addition to sending newsletters, this alternative to MailChimp also offers learning material for newcomers to email marketing.
  •  However, and as noted by Emma, ​​this program is presented exclusively in the English language and the numerous seminars on online marketing refer primarily to the United States. 


  • The SendInBlue newsletter service has triumphed since its foundation in 2012, above all due to a very attractive price plan: the basic rate already allows you to send 9,000 (300 a day maximum) emails to an unlimited number of recipients, something that it does not offer none of the providers featured so far. 


  • Closing our list of favorites is the Spanish Mailrelay tool, by many considered even superior to MailChimp in several respects.
  •  First of all, this alternative to MailChimp prides itself on offering the largest free account in the world, allowing 15,000 monthly newsletters to be sent to a maximum of 3,000 subscribers – if you follow the provider on social media the numbers can rise to 75,000 and 15,000 subscribers respectively

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