Mac How To Improve The Performance Of Your Mac If It Runs Very Slow

How To Improve The Performance Of Your Mac If It Runs Very Slow

There are several ways to improve the performance of your Mac if it has started to run too slow. Here are some tips to improve the performance of your Mac.

Although Macs are computers that are characterized by offering excellent performance, it may be that at some point it begins to work more slowly, especially if it is an older MacBefore considering whether to buy a new Mac , it is worth trying to improve the performance of your Mac by following the tips that we propose below.  

There are several reasons why your Mac could be running slower: the age of the device, a full hard drive, or you are using an operating system that is too old.

It may also be that there are many programs or applications that run automatically when you turn on the computer, or that you are using too many programs at the same time on your Mac. 

One of the common characteristics of Mac users is that they do not tend to turn off their Apple devices regularly, this means that some applications may have been running in the background for weeks. By spending some time cleaning up your operating system and doing some basic fixes with your programs, you can get your Mac up and running again.

At this point we offer you two options (one of them much longer). If you have problems with your iPad, surely you are interested in our  10 tricks to increase its speed  or if your problem is that your battery drains very quickly, you will be interested in knowing how to save energy on your Mac . 

Tips To Increase The Speed Of Your MacBook Pro

You have a MacBook and have noticed that the speed and performance is no longer as it was when it was new. That is the phrase most heard among our clients.

1.- Save A Backup Of Your Data And Format Your MacBook

It is possible that over time your system is corrupt, has malware and does not work well for you. If your Macbook slows down, the color wheel comes out a lot, it is best to start by ruling out that the fault is in the system.

For this we recommend that you follow these steps.

  • Create a manual backup of your most important data. If you create it with the “Time Machine” application, it is possible that you will save your system problems with it and when you restore it, you will reproduce the errors again, so we recommend a manual copy to a hard disk of all your files.
  • Once you have your data safe, the following would be to format the hard drive and install the system that best suits the characteristics of your computer.
  • Once you have the system installed, you can download your recovered data and install the applications you need.

If with these steps you still notice that your macbook does not work as you would like, the ideal would be to improve your Hardware as we indicate in the following steps.

2.- Change Your Mechanical Hard Drive For A Solid Drive SSD

The biggest improvement that can be made to your macbook today would be to equip it with the new solid drives SSD. You will triple the speed of reading and writing. 

By not being mechanical, you will reduce the heating of the equipment. You will have greater security of your data as the number of failures is infinitely lower.

We can change it directly for your mechanical disk, or we can also keep your disk as a second storage disk and put the solid disk SSD instead of the optical drive if you do not use it much.

3.- Expand Ram Memory

If you want a speed boost or you dedicate yourself to image, video or music editing, we also recommend that you expand your RAM memory.


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