Instagram Photos For Instagram Everything You Need To Know Check

Photos For Instagram: Everything You Need To Know

Of all the social networks, Instagram is the one that pays the most attention to the visual aspect. While on Facebook and Twitter it is recommended to be careful so that everything looks good, on Instagram it should be even more so.

After all, we are talking about a social network with 1,000 million active users each month , who spend an average of  53 minutes a day on the social network , generating 4 times more interactions than Facebook .

If you want your photos for Instagram to stand out, then there are certain characteristics, both technical and aesthetic, that you should know; as well as some secrets applied by influencers and brands with experience taking photos and creating content for Instagram. Read on to find out how to take good photos for Instagram:

Measurements Of Photos For Instagram

Knowing the format of Instagram is necessary if you want to apply digital marketing strategies to gain followers in this social network, because making the most of the dimensions of each type of publication will give your photos or images a better appearance.

There are two key elements to consider when taking, editing or taking photos for Instagram:

  • Resolution : also known as size, it refers to the  number of pixels (px) that make up the image in width and height. 1080px x 1080px is one of the most popular size formats on social media.
  • Aspect ratio : many also know it as aspect ratio . Refers to the  relationship between width and height ; the first digit is the width, the second the height. 1: 1, 4: 5 and 9:16 are the most used aspect resolutions on Instagram.

Before uploading a photo, keep in mind that Instagram automatically compresses photos larger than 1080px . And something similar will happen if the aspect ratio is not met , in that case you will have to “crop” part of the image within the platform itself.

Knowing this scenario in advance, you can go ahead and edit the photos yourself or produce them directly with these characteristics.

Now, it is time to know the format used by Instagram for the different types of publications that you can make on this platform:

Square Posts

It is the most popular photo format for Instagram; They are the square photos that you see in the  vertical and  infinite scrolling feed that made this social network so popular.

The photos are displayed in a resolution of 640px × 640px, although the  recommended resolution is 1080px x 1080px , with the minimum allowed being 320px x 320px so as not to sacrifice quality.

Since these are square photos, the  aspect ratio is 1: 1 , that is, photos that are the same width as they are height.

This is not just a format for photos and images, as videos can also be uploaded to this platform using these specifications. However, the following two options are best suited for multimedia with audio and video displayed in profiles and  feed .

Rectangular Photos In Instagram Posts

Rectangular photos are also called  landscape , and they were created precisely so that landscapes would have a better aesthetic in the  Instagram feed .

Although they are displayed in an approximate resolution of 600px × 400px, the recommended one is  1080px x 566px . While the proper aspect ratio is 1.91: 1 .

In this format it is also possible to upload videos to Instagram, however, it is recommended that the  aspect ratio be 16: 9 , since 1.91: 1 could take a lot of editing work.

Keep in mind that for your photos to have greater engagement , it is recommended to accompany them with a  caption or caption . Therefore, here is a list with the best phrases for Instagram . You will find short phrases, motivational, for entrepreneurs and much more.

Portraits For Instagram

When the images or photos for Instagram are taller than they are wide, then the recommended format is  Portrait , also known as portrait or portrait photo. As you can imagine given its name, this is the ideal format for selfies .

These photos and images are displayed in a format 1080px x 1350px , with an  aspect ratio of  4: 5 that is better suited to the vertical arrangement of Instagram.

It should be noted that the Instagram videos in the  feed or profile can also be uploaded with this resolution and aspect ratio.


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