Aerothermal What is the best aerothermal of 2021 Check The List

What Is The Best Aerothermal Of 2021?

What Is Aerothermy?

Before talking about which is the best aerothermal , you have to know the benefits of this new air conditioning equipment. According to Directive 2009/28 / EC of the EU of 2009, aerothermal energy is a renewable energy for the production of domestic hot water (DHW), heating and cooling capable of meeting the 20/20/20 Objectives that the European Union has set for 2020 to combat climate change which is to use 20% more renewable energy, save 20% energy and reduce CO2 emissions by 20%.

Aerothermal works the same as the heat pump, except that it is of the air-water type and not air-air (like the traditional heat pump), which takes the latent heat from the air, and transfers it to an internal water circuit . This air conditioning system can be connected to low temperature radiators, fan coil units (Fan-Coil that offer the same formats as air conditioners; split, floor-ceiling, multi-split, cassette and ducts) and underfloor heating .

Types Of Aerothermal

There are two types of air-water heat pump, monobloc and bibloc aerotemias . If you wonder which is the best aerothermal, the monobloc or bibloc? There would not be a concrete answer, since each one covers different needs and both are good options. 

The aerothermal bibloc is made up of two devices, a heat pump (which would be the outdoor unit) and a hydrokit (which would be the indoor unit that in some cases can incorporate the water tank). On the other hand, the monobloc aerothermal is compact, that is, it consists of a single unit that consists of a heat pump and a hydrokit. In case a water tank or accumulator is required, it would go independently.

The differences to highlight between these two devices are that the monobloc is easier to install because it is not necessary to connect the two units, the price of the installation is therefore lower and for the same reason, it takes up less space.

What Is The Best Aerothermal?

Next we are going to show you the 4 best Aerothermal brands on the market, but we are not going to answer the question of which is the best aerothermal? since it is impossible to give an accurate answer to that question because each case requires a different aerothermal. Any of the following brands provides air conditioning equipment of high quality and good performance, and not because they are Japanese brands and by allusion we offer them, but we have been working with all kinds of brands for many years and we know first-hand that these are the best performance they offer. 

However, depending on each home, the climate, the needs of each client in heating and sanitary hot water and the budget that one wants to allocate, we can offer a team with optimal characteristics for each case. 

Panasonic Aquarea High Performance Aerothermal GenerationJ  

The Panasonic Aquarea heat pump has various models to meet different consumer needs. 

On the one hand we have the independent DHW tanks , which can be 100 liters or 150 liters. With this DHW tank we would only cover the Sanitary Hot Water service. 

Then Panasonic Aquarea has the HT aerothermal model , this type of aerothermal is found in a single-phase installation in the powers of 9 and 12 kW, and in a three-phase installation in the same powers. The Aquarea HT aerothermal has been created for those homes with high temperature radiators, since it can work at 65ºC while the outdoor temperature is at -15ºC. 

On the other hand we have the Panasonic Aquarea T-Cap aertohermia, which is ideal for homes located in areas with extremely low temperatures because it can work at 60ºC with temperatures of up to -20ºC outside, without the need for an electrical resistance. This aertohermia is in single-phase type with powers from 9 kW to 12 kW and in three-phase type from 9 kW to 16 kW. 

And finally, this Panasonic Aquarea Performance air heater that, like the Panasonic Aquarea T-Cap air heater , integrates the heating, cooling and domestic hot water service in the same equipment, only the Aquarea High Perfomance air heater is more efficient but cannot working with extreme temperatures outside. We have this aerothermal energy from 3 kW to 16 kW in single-phase mode and from 9 kW to 16 kW in three-phase. 

We consider the Panasonic Aquarea Performance air heater to be one of the best air heaters on the market and specifically we want to highlight the new generation J equipment that works with R32 refrigerant gas, which is cleaner and more efficient. In addition, the pipes used are of great quality, a cooling function up to 10ºC, a magnetic filter, suitable for the smart grid and can be easily complemented with photovoltaic panels.

Also there is an official website you can check it out.

Daikin Altherma 3 

In this brand we must highlight the Daikin Altherma products  that revolutionized the heat pump  market a decade  ago but a year ago they have reinvented themselves by bringing Daikin  Altherma 3 to the market . 

Daikin Altherma 3 models offer heating in winter, cooling in summer and produce domestic tap water all year round.

Among the highlights of the Daikin Altherma 3 aerothermal are:

  • Triple A energy efficiency (A +++).
  • It has the new refrigerant Gas R 32. This Gas is purer than that of all life (R410A), so that while it is easier to recycle and is less polluting, it allows saving on energy.
  • Compact and very attractive design; modern and elegant.
  • And like few aerthermias, it can reach 65º of flow temperature in heating.

Like Panasonic, Daikin is a Japanese brand, so quality is assured.


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