Battery Tips To Save On The Consumption Of Your Smartphone

Tips To Save On The Consumption Of Your Smartphone’s Battery

Such is the dependence we have on our mobile terminal, that we live with the constant concern that it turns off because it runs out of battery. Adjusting the brightness of the screen, turning off the vibration and deactivating the GPS location, are some measures that will help you extend its life.

Do you usually leave home without a charger, with many hours ahead and with the possibility of running out of battery when you need it most? Fortunately, there are small and efficient gestures that lengthen the battery of the phone without stress. MYTARG3R offer a series of tips to save on the battery consumption of your smartphone:

  • Adjust the brightness of the screen: it is a priority that it is as low as is comfortable for you.
  • Turn off the vibration: it is a very recurring function but one that spends more than one can imagine. If it is not essential, it is recommended to deactivate the vibration in calls and messages.
  • Reduce the light on the screen: the mobile consumes more energy the longer the backlight lasts. Therefore, it is convenient that the home screen remains dark if it is not used.
  • Turn off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections: it is the first warning that they usually give us to extend the battery.
  • GPS location: it is one of the most consumerist tools, but also one of the most recurrent. Although there is the possibility of deactivating it suddenly, current smartphones allow it to be used depending on which applications.
  • Close open screens: managing on your mobile with several apps at the same time is useful, but sometimes exhausting. Not only for the user but also for the phone, which is forced to use more power.
  • Automatic synchronization: if you are not waiting for an urgent email or you are not interested in being aware of what is happening on social networks up to the minute, it is best to lower the frequency of notifications.
  • Beware of updates to widgets: new technologies allow us to continually know some useful data, such as the weather we are going to do where we are. However, you have to know that this implies an extra cost of the battery.
  • Activate the energy-saving mode: as a last resort, there is always the option of having the mobile act for you. What’s more, some models offer up to three different options.

Also Try This To Reduce Battery Consumption:

On Android, go to Settings> About device> Build number. Click a few times on that section until you get a sign that says “Developer options are activated.” Open Developer Options> User Interface and uncheck “Animation Scale” and “Transition Animation Scale. Activate notifications only for the ‘apps’ you use the most

It is not always necessary that all applications have notifications activated. Does this mean that things are not going to get to you? Not at all, it simply implies that you will not receive alerts, but in the icon of your application, you will continue to have the necessary information to know if something has arrived or not (for example, the number with unread WhatsApp messages).

Here the use that each person gives to their mobile phone will depend a lot. It may, for example, not be necessary to have YouTube notifications enabled if the application is not going to be opened unless it is via Wi-Fi (it takes a lot of data to watch the videos) or you do not need a notification from WhatsApp or Twitter because you open them constantly to talk to people or to keep informed of what you have in your home tab, respectively.

You assess which are the notifications that you always pay attention to, those that do not contribute anything because they do not interest you and those that are unnecessary because you are already aware of the issue. Once this is done, act accordingly and deactivate them from your storage management and applications in the Settings menu of your mobile – if you cannot find the way, you can always reinstall your ‘app’ and say “no” the moment you ask permission to receive notifications on mobile.

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