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What Is Artificial Intelligence? What Is Its Growth In Companies

One of the definitions of artificial intelligence identifies it as a branch of computer science that aims to create a technical equivalent of human intelligence and not only computer scientists work there, but also experts from other fields of knowledge. On the other hand, there are many theories and methodological approaches to determine the characteristics of “intelligence” and the ways to simulate it. 

Getting a more precise definition of artificial intelligence is impossible, mainly due to the complexity per se of the concept of “intelligence”. If for humans those abilities that are considered as part of intelligence are already controversial, determining them for machines is even more complex. Some of the questions involved include whether the machine should be optimized primarily in its rationality or whether rather other human traits such as intentionality, intuition or the ability to learn should be included. 

Possibly it is also expected that social skills, empathy or a sense of responsibility will play a relevant role. Thus, the question revolves around what technology should create: rational capacities or artificial humanity.

Growth Of AI In companies

Although its presence is still very incipient, Artificial Intelligence is making its way into all business processes. According to a recent study by the Adecco Group, 98% of the executives consulted believe that this innovation can favour productivity, better knowledge of their customers and that of their products.

However, to achieve these improvements, 73% believe that this technology will have to be developed to its full potential. In this work, presented last September 2018 in Madrid, 200 human resources managers were asked about the current implementation of AI in the world of work. Most experts, 63%, believe that technological advances have not yet reached their sector, but that they will be present in the short term.

Artificial Intelligence In The Digital World

What then is the role of artificial intelligence in the digital world? First of all, it should be noted that for the inexperienced user, artificial intelligence on the Internet is hardly recognizable. Many companies also avoid using the term even if their products work hand in hand with AI. This is because the rise of the fascination with artificial intelligence is directly proportional to its bad reputation. Consumers are often sceptical about the implementation of AI technologies in everyday life.

Sometimes it is also difficult to define when a technical service can be defined as “smart” since the smooth transitions of the forms of implementation and the different definitions of artificial intelligence tend to make it even more confusing.

With the widespread use of voice assistants, people are more likely to get used to using artificial intelligence. However, there are also a wide variety of applications on the Internet in which AI technology plays a crucial role. The list of active AI algorithms and programs that use artificial intelligence is extensive. Google dominates this market with its innovations, supposedly with a development advantage of two to three years compared to other companies. Now, how exactly is artificial intelligence integrated into well-known search algorithms?

And what impact does it have for online marketing and, especially, for SEO? Here are some examples of typical techniques and innovative programs in the sector.


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