Zoom Guide More Effective Meetings While Telecommuting Check List

Zoom Guide: More Effective Meetings While Telecommuting!

Zoom is one of the most popular software services right now. It allows making group video calls with audio, video or both possibilities at the same time. This service is perfect for all teleworkers who wish to keep in touch with the company where they work and / or to create professional meetings . After all, they have developed this resource to help us through this difficult stage caused by the coronavirus and will make teleworking more effective . So we’ve created a Zoom guide to help you!

Our guide aims to make working at home easier (taking into account that all companies are adapting as best they can to this complicated context). Let us begin!

Features you should know about Zoom

  • Prices and plans
  • Differences between Zoom Meeting and Zoom Room
  • Recommendations for use and tips
  • How to record video calls

Zoom Guide: General Features

1 – The differentiating element compared to other similar services is that you can make video calls with up to 100 people at the same time . There are also group video conferencing: you can organize meetings of up to 500 participants by purchasing the “large meeting” add-on.

2 – Very good video quality .

3 – Allows you to record the video conference so you can watch it later.

4 – You can use video, audio, or both.

5 – Screen sharing : in case you want to make presentations, trainings, show a web page, etc. And in real time! Share the screen and let everyone see what you see.

6 – Use the waiting rooms : to prevent unwanted people from entering the conversation, there is the option of putting them on hold; if you are the host you can have this so-called “waiting room”. To activate them we will have to click on “New meeting” and look for the option “Personal meeting settings“. Within this option we must activate “Enable the waiting room”

Is The Subscription Free?

Next we will make a small summary about the plans and prices of the Zoom tool .

Free zoom

The number of meetings is unlimited. They have a maximum limit of 100 people in the same video conference and a limit of 40 minutes per meeting . Meetings cannot be recorded.

Zoom Pro

It costs € 13.99 per month. Ideal for small teams. It allows hosts to create a personal meeting ID for repetitive Zoom meetings, and it allows you to record meetings in the cloud or on any particular device. The duration of group meetings is a maximum of 24 hours. Includes 100 participants.

Zoom Business

It costs € 18.99 per month. Ideal for SMEs. 

Zoom Enterprise

This level costs the same as the previous one (€ 18.99 per month) and is intended for large companies.


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