VPN in Teleworking All You Need To Know About VPN In Teleworking

All You Need To Know About VPN In Teleworking

In this article, we want to discuss about VPN in Teleworking

Given the imminent arrival of COVID-19, beyond wanted to contribute its grain of sand, and how could it be otherwise, we have made it possible through technology. Our team wanted to be close to companies that, due to lack of means, have not been able to facilitate teleworking for their employees, or are doing it with precarious means.

Therefore, after knowing the alarm status, we got down to work to begin working with our clients through the installation and subsequent configuration of VPN connections that facilitate access from home to all the information that remains on the servers of the office. And this, of course, in a totally altruistic way .

Starting to work remotely may seem simple, but if you do not have a secure network and the risks to which we may be exposed are unknown, the consequences cannot be long in coming. For this reason, we do not hesitate for a moment to get down to work.

Although this connection is not something that we have discovered now, the teleworking boom in record time due to COVID-19 has generated the increase in demand for VPN connections. For this reason, we tell you everything you need to know about this type of connection. Take note!

What Is A VPN?

If you are one of those who has frowned when you have heard about a VPN connection for the first time, you should start with the most basic, know that the acronym refers to a Virtual Private Network, or VPN in Teleworking. It is a type of network that creates a private network from which it can be accessed with an Internet connection.

In other words, this type of VPN connection facilitates access to machines on a local network, so that we access all the information on them in a totally secure way. That is, with a device connected to the Internet and a VPN, a private and secure tunnel is established to, for example, our office network. And most importantly, the connection that is made travels encrypted. Thus there will be no vulnerabilities to possible cyberattacks.

What Is a VPN Connection For?

Once we have understood what a VPN in Teleworking is, it is time to find out how it is put into practice, and what are the most common uses that we usually give it today.

Facilitates teleworking

The Telework is the main reason why VPN connections are so demanded. Thus, through this private network, any worker will be able to access company resources from home, such as file servers, printers, intranet, etc., with total security.

Because the risks we face if the connection is established solely through passwords that can be easily captured are abysmal. Therefore, it is always recommended that the connection is encrypted through a VPN and the worker accesses the company network as if he were physically there.

Hide browsing data

After knowing the meaning of a VPN connection, we already know that the information travels encrypted. In this way, if we navigate using a public Wi-Fi , no one will track our activity, and therefore, the risk that our data may be stolen drastically decreases.

Therefore, whenever we are in the cafeteria or anywhere with a public Wi-Fi, it is advisable to connect from a VPN.

Access to geographically blocked content

Another use that users usually give to the VPN is related to accessing sites that can only be accessed from a specific country. This is due to the censorship that governments establish.

But its access will not be restricted if we connect from a virtual private network that is located in the country where the content we want to view is located. In fact, this is how Chinese citizens manage to connect to Facebook and thousands of other websites that are blocked in the country.

Advantages and benefits of a VPN connection

In addition to all the facilities and uses that we have looked at carefully, the connection through a virtual private network also has innumerable advantages:

  • Connection and disconnection , once configured, is simple. After configuring it, we can connect or disconnect very easily, without any complication.
  • Extra security when the connection is encrypted. In this way, we can connect with total peace of mind to public Wi-Fi.
  • Avoid content censorship . As we have explained, it allows us to access geographically blocked content.

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