How To Remember Passwords Easily Thanks To These Tricks

More Secure And Easy To Remember Passwords Thanks To These Tricks

In this article, we’re giving complete insight on tricks to remember passwords easily.

What Is The First Thing To Keep In Mind If You Want Really Strong Passwords?

  • Don’t use the same password everywhere
  • Do not use personal data
  • Stand out from the rest

Your Passwords Will Be More Secure And Easy To Remember Thanks To These Mnemonic Tricks

  • Create your password from a phrase
  • Secure password from words that are easy for you to remember
  • Mix letters and numbers
  • Includes capital letters
  • Use symbols (as long as it’s in UTF-8, anything goes)
  • Avoid vowels
  • If you want extra security, exchange letters for numbers
  • Use the name or an abbreviation of each service you sign up for
  • You can also create your own mnemonic tricks with the keyboard
  • We will always have chance

What Is The First Thing To Keep In Mind If You Want Really Strong Passwords?

Before starting with our “little guide” to creating secure passwords , there are a number of considerations that you should take into account if you want your password to be secure and difficult to figure out or crack, although you already know that there is practically nothing on the Internet One hundred percent safe, at least we can make it more difficult for cybercriminals and decide that it is not worth the time and effort to access our account.

Don’t Use The Same Password Everywhere

To really have a secure password it is essential that it be unique, that is, you must avoid using the same password in all the sites where you have a user account, so that if someone finds out your password, they cannot access the rest of your accounts.

Do Not Use Personal Data

It is relatively easy for users to create passwords from some of our personal data, as it helps us remember them, such as using our date of birth and initials in some simple combination. This is an error, because we currently share some of this data in a public way, for example, on social networks where we use our real name and surname and we also give some extra information, such as our birthday or the place where we reside or study.

In addition, there are also so-called social engineering attacks, by which it is relatively easy for a hacker to find out our personal data, even if we do not have it exposed.

Stand Out From The Rest

If something must be a strong password, it is original, so try to avoid the passwords that many people use because they are easy to remember, such as 1234, abcd, P45SW0RD, etc., or any variation of these, because they will be the first options that any password cracking program will use.

This is not a good example of strong passwords

Create Your Password From A Phrase

One method with which we can create a good, easy-to-remember password is from a phrase: we give you the steps to create a password from a phrase .

First you must choose a phrase, it is worth any that has a certain meaning for you (that will help you remember it), it can be the stanza of a song, the way you order a certain plate of food, a favorite quote or even an invented phrase from the one that you will remember.

Secure Password From Words That Are Easy For You To Remember

Another method to create a strong and memorable password is to use two or more words that are easy for you to remember. Ideally, they should be unconnected words, but that may have some meaning for you, so it will be easier for you to remember them. Here you can also use the PAO method that we have described in the previous point.

For example, you like apples and horror books, you can create the following password: TeRRorIfkSM4nzNAs.

Mix Letters And Numbers

We have already seen it in the previous examples, but if our passwords mix letters and numbers, they will be more secure, since they will make it a little more difficult for anyone to guess them, especially if they include more than one number, since the possible combinations are multiplied remarkably and this increases the protection of passwords against possible attacks.


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