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4 Tips To Increase Your Cybersecurity Skills

Cybersecurity is nothing but just to protect your devices from cyber attacks. In this article, we’re explaining some major tips to make aware of cybersecurity

1.Use More Than One Method Of Accessing Important Websites

We are simply facing the most comfortable security system to implement and that to make matters worse, it ensures our life online.

You may have heard of the second factor of authentication or 2FA. In addition to username and password, to access sensitive sites you have to enter a code generated by an application on your mobile. This code is renewed every minute.

To fraudulently access our bank accounts, email or social networks, in addition to obtaining the username/password, they will have to physically steal our mobile.

If you don’t already have it active in your accounts, I don’t know what you’re waiting for.

This is one of the ways and basic step for cybersecurity while you are accessing websites.

2.Use A Password Manager

Different accounts, different passwords. Use strong passwords, which is nothing more than including uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols like # or =.

But of course, remembering long and random passwords is impossible.

Also, having them saved in a file or in the browser is very insecure, the solution is to work with a password manager, where you only have to remember the master password to access a trunk where you have all the encrypted passwords.

Changing the password every X time is not a measure that adds security so look for a good password manager such as cyber-protector.

This is the second step in your learning of cybersecurity.

3.Protect The Router, The Gateway To Your Connection

The router, like any other smart device (yes, most routers that we have at home have their own operating system) is permanently connected to the Internet.

Today it is a primary target of the cybercrime industry. For very different uses, in fact.

The router in our home, and ultimately, the rest of the routers we usually connect to (the one at our friends and family’s home, the one at the office, the one at the cafeteria where you go every morning, the one at transport public) are the main access door to our devices.

And just like at home you don’t leave the door open, you shouldn’t do the same with digital.

The priority is to change the username and password to access the router’s administration page that comes by default.

These credentials are publicly known (a quick Google search tells you which username and password each router model has by default), and is the first thing any automated attack tests.

Second, change the password to access the Wi-Fi: As with the access credentials to the administration page, each router usually has a series of default passwords to access the Wi-Fi.

Changing them to any other prevents applications that track routers with unmodified passwords from being able to access yours.

Other recommendations are Disable UPnP and WPS.

Finally, use a password WPA2 and higher, so that at least brute force attacks do not work.

4.Internet Is Not The Bar Counter

Be careful with the information you post on social networks.

Everything. Absolutely everything you say on the Internet, leaves a mark.

What about the publications that adolescents post today when, after 5 years, they enter a selection process for a job?

A lot of personal information can be obtained on your social networks to be used to deceive you and obtain access data to sensitive sites. Even to request duplicates of your SIM card.

It’s called social engineering, and cybercriminals use it more and more as we are very generous with our personal data.

These are the four most important pro tips you need to follow to increase cybersecurity skills and know more about technology advancements by following our site.


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