9xflix (2021)- Download Latest Bollywood, Hollywood Movies For Free

9xflix (2023) – Download Latest Bollywood, Hollywood, Hindi Dubbed Movies For Free [UPDATED]

9xflix: There are many piracy and torrent sites available on the internet. With the advancement of technology, piracy also became so popular—most of the film geeks who can’t afford to buy premium services using the piracy sites.

The outcomes of using piracy sites are manifold. In the past few years, the usage of torrents spiked rapidly. There are many torrent sites to download numerous movies, TV Shows, and Sports for free. But, 9xflix attracts visitors with an easy and unique interface.

There are many unique selling points in 9xflix; it has a wide range of old and new popular movies in different languages. You can enjoy desired movies in 360p,480p,720p and 1080p without any signup.

On 9xflix, you can download Hindi Dubbed movies, Web Series and all regional movies in dual audio. And here comes the unique option that is the Download Option. No torrent provides “how to download movies,” but 9xflix provides this option to download movies without effort.

If the movie link you want to download from 9xflix is not working, there is one option, “Report Dead Link,” that helps you comment down your problem, and within 1-2 days, the developers fix the bug.

About 9xflix

9xflix is a piracy site that leaks regional and world movies on the platform. It uploads Hindi, Malayalam, Hollywood and Tamil movies in the database.

The mobile users can download the 9xflix app from playstore. The website is designed for both mobile and PC users. You can even download movies from tablets, MacBooks.

You can understand the popularity of 9xflix once you visit the website. It is unique and appealing to the visitors. The unique images on the Homepage depict the plot of the movie. If you select the move, movie details with screenshots appear on the new window. You can also join the telegram channel without visiting the website to check the updates.

What Are The Different Categories Available On 9xflix?

Many piracy sites leak movies in different languages, but to arrange them appropriately, the developers must take more time. This is where many torrent developers lag and 9xflix advances. If you visit the Homepage, the interface is simple and appropriately categorized.

The category list is mentioned below :

  • Hindi Movies: There are vast collections of old and new movies in this section. It leaks and uploads new movies in hours to attract visitors. You can see the movie details like genres, plot, story etc., to get an idea about the film.
  • Adult Movies: The developers also provided adult movies but with strict notice to the children under age.
  • Dual Audio: This is the special option that most websites ignore. We watch movies in our regional language; if that audio is not available, we feel disheartened. But, the site developers overcame this hurdle and provided the option.
  • Hindi Dubbed: In India, most people speak Hindi. So, to get more visitors, the site developers introduced this option. If you like any specific movie from a different language, you can watch that movie in the Hindi language.
  • Epic Collections: This option is a boon for people who love collections. The enormous collection of popular old and new Hollywood movies collection is available here.
  • Web Series: The popularity of web series is growing exponentially. There is no surprise if it overshadows theatrical experience in the future. There are many popular web series available on 9xflix like money heist, Vikings etc.

How To Download Movies From 9xflix

To download movies from 9xflix, follow these steps carefully :

  • First, type the 9xflix keyword in the Google search engine and enter into the Homepage.
  • Search for the movie you want to download or select from the list mentioned on the Homepage
  • Now click the Download option.
  • Choose the resolution of your choice.
  • If the ads appear, close the ads and continue to download the page.
  • That’s it. Your download starts automatically.

Features Of 9xflix

9xflix has excellent features when compared to other torrent sites. We mentioned some best features below :

  1. It is very easy to use
  2. 9xflix.com allows users to download different language movies for free
  3. You can enjoy world films here
  4. Popular web series are available on 9xflix with different audio options
  5. It provides Epic Collections on Homepage that is an added advantage to the visitors
  6. Different video formats available on 9xflix.com
  7. The most worrying factor is pop-up ads that you see very rarely on the site.

How does the 9xflix Algorithm Work?

9xflix is a piracy site that leaks regional movies and web series for free. It copies the content and uploads it to a database. The site disappeared and was blocked many times due to uploading copyrighted content. But, it created many mirror sites within no time and continued the glory in the piracy field. It is one of the top leading piracy sites across the world and mainly in India.

Like other torrent websites, to earn money, it displays pop-up ads on the download page. But, when compared to other sites, it shows less. When the user clicks the ads, they get money.

9xflix Working Links (UPDATED)

Since it is a piracy site, to escape from the government and cyber official team, 9xflix changes domain names frequently. They buy the domain names with extensions and keep the backup in all servers. If one site blocks, they shift to other domains quickly.

It is not advisable to download piracy movies directly because you face legal consequences. So, try to use the best VPN services. Now, we see the 9xflix working links :

  • 9xflix.com
  • 9xflix.link
  • 9xflix.in
  • 9xflix.Asia
  • 9xflix info
  • 9xflix.org
  • 9xflix.club
  • 9xflix.net
  • 9xflix.co.in

Different Video Formats Available On 9xflix

It is a boon for movie geeks that 9xflix allows users to download their favorite movie for free. You can download movies in different video and audio formats.

9xflix designed a website for both mobile and desktop users. Most of the people don’t have enough data to download movies. To overcome this hurdle, the team came up with low and high-resolution film. You can download movies in 360p and 480p, and at the same time, users also can download movies in 720p and 1080p formats.

Also, you can choose 300MB, 400MB, 1GB and 2GB video formats from the list. If you belong to the data saver category, you can go for 300MB and 400MB; if you want to experience good quality, you can download movies in 1GB and 2GB file sizes.

Is Downloading Movies From 9xflix A Safe Choice?

It is never safe to download movies from piracy sites. Your data is prone to cyber-attacks, and you may lose sensitive data. Cyber Hackers find many ways to steal sensitive information from devices; they use phishing attacks they attach a virus to the download file. Once you download the file, a virus enters and damages the device.

To overcome or surpass these hurdles; some preventive steps are mentioned below :

Use VPN Services 

We strongly recommend our visitors use VPN services. The benefits of the best VPN services are manifold. There are free and premium services. The free VPN service doesn’t bring added advantages when compared to the premium service. So, use premium service and protect your device.

The main motive of the VPN service is to hide user identity and give access to content that is unavailable in the region. While using piracy sites, don’t forget to use these services.

Some of the best VPN services are :

Turn On The Antivirus

Antivirus is used to detect and prevent malware from devices. In digital technology, hackers find many ways to access personal information. In this scenario, antivirus helps us to identify the trojans in the device. So, before accessing any illegal site, make sure you turn on the antivirus software to prevent phishing and spoofing attacks.

Some of the best Antivirus softwares are :

Use Adblocker

It is the best way to protect your device from hacking. You can download software available on google or download the extension from the google web store. It helps the user to block all the ads on the web page. Most of the cybercriminals attach a virus to the download files or ads; if you click the ads, your device is at risk. In this scenario, Adblocker helps us to identify the ads and block them.

Alternatives To 9xflix

9xflix leaks almost all regional and Hollywood movies and web series and uploads in the database. Since these are illegal websites, there is a chance of complete removal from google search results. So, to overcome this difficulty, we’re providing some best alternatives that cover regional and international movies.



Isaidub is a popular website for downloading old and latest Tamil movies. You can also download Tamil dubbed and other regional movies on the website. We all know that most people speak Hindi in India, so obviously, Hindi movies have a huge market. But, Tamil films are known for creating out-of-the-box concepts. There is a wide market for Tamil movies in India.

It leaks movies in different resolutions and provides them to the users. You can also download Tamil dubbed movies and Hollywood movies. The user interface is also easy to operate.


There is no special mention of the movierulz website because movierulz came up with many proxy sites recently. The interface is also unique and easy to download. It leaks all regional and Hollywood content; there is no need to register on the movierulz website to download movies or web series.

You can download movies in 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p video formats.There are popular tv shows in all languages.Some of the proxies are movierulz.pz, movierulz.in, movierulz.ms and movierulz.plz.Movierulz is also available under different domain names 4movierulz, 3movierulz, movierulz2 etc.



Jalshamoviez is an illegal platform where you can download unlimited movies and web series in different languages.you can download movies in 480p,720p and 1080p.You can get a mini theatrical experience on the platform.

It is designed for both mobile and pc users. The data savers can download movies in low quality to save the memory and data. You can download both regional and foreign-language films on the website.


13377x is a reliable platform for downloading movies, games, web series, WWE matches, sports, softwares, applications for free. Many extensions and mirror sites are working under the original website. Most of the users bookmark this website because they get all the features on this platform.

You can download all genres of films in all languages on the platform. The user interface is also unique and easy to handle. If the original website is not functioning correctly, you can download movies from mirror sites. The complete information about 13377x is mentioned below.


Moviespapa is a hub for downloading piracy movies in different video formats. You can observe a unique user-friendly interface and numerous options on the Homepage. You can download all regional and Hollywood films in different languages for free. It is a popular website because all categories of movies appear on the database.

Like other torrent sites, it generates income from pop-up ads. When the user clicks, they get money. It changes domain names to avoid blocking from the government.

Legal Alternatives To 9xflix

Watching or Downloading movies from piracy sites is illegal. Most of the people download movies from torrent sites because they are available for free. The consequences are also terrible if you download a single trojan file.

We don’t recommend our visitors to download movies from piracy sites. There are some best premium services in the market. Some of the best legal alternatives to torrents or piracy sites are mentioned below :

Amazon Prime Video

 It is the best and budget streaming service where you can watch and download regional Hollywood movies. You can also watch some popular web series on Amazon Prime. There are different video formats, HD, Ultra HD etc.

It is available in different countries across the world. If you buy the subscription plan, you can also enjoy prime music, e-books, videos, games and free delivery within 1-2 days. The interface is also user-friendly. But the only drawback is search engine optimization. The users find it challenging to get exact keyword match on the database.


Netflix is a popular video streaming platform across the world. It is a boon for English movie lovers. You can experience a cinematic experience on Netflix for its quality. You can watch popular old and recent movies and web series. It has 208 million active subscribers.

It started with the DVD rental business, and slowly it entered subscription-based streaming services. The user interface is easy to operate; anyone can watch without any trouble. But, the only drawback is the pricing; Netflix subscription charges are high compared to other streaming services.


Hotstar became so popular these days because it provides some content for free. It is available in 17 Indian languages. It also offers live matches, animations for children, serials; you must take a subscription to enjoy all these benefits.

Its subscription charges are minimal when compared to other streaming services. You can enjoy video experiences in different resolutions. You can avail of some discount if you take an annual plan listed on the official website.


It is an Indian streaming service platform where you can watch movies, serials in different languages. The interface is easy, and even new visitors can enjoy the services without a hurdle.

It is an Indian digital platform, but people across the world enjoy the services. It is available in different video formats. You can also enjoy the live tv feature available on the Homepage. The subscription charges also less when compared to some streaming services.


9xflix also comes under piracy site. It has all the unique features and over-the-top selling points compared to other websites. The main addon to the website is an epic collection.

With the advancement of new technology trends, there are enormous benefits to both officials and criminals. It brings both advancement and destruction. So, try to avoid illegal sites completely. If you want to download once in a while, make sure you are connected to VPN services and turn on the antivirus.

So enjoy pride watching on big screens or buy the subscription plan from legal OTT platforms. For future updates, make sure you bookmark our site.


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