How To Fix Mobile Coverage Issues Check The Complete Article

How To Fix Mobile Coverage Issues?

In this article, we’re discussing on mobile coverage issues and how to solve them.

The mobile is one of the objects most used by citizens. In a normal day, a person spends 170 minutes connected to their smartphone , according to data from a Google report. It is used both professionally and privately . And, sometimes, during its use, problems arise such as loss of network signal or mobile coverage. What does it mean to be without coverage? Why happens? How can you solve this problem quickly and easily? This article answers all of this

The lack of signal on the mobile can cause more than one headache. One of the main consequences is the loss of calls . And it is that without mobile coverage you cannot make or receive phone calls, regardless of their relevance or urgency. Another major disadvantage is the absence of data . 

Not having coverage on the terminal makes it impossible to connect to the Internet, which means not being able to use messaging apps like WhatsApp, not being able to enter email and not being able to publish or share content on social networks. It makes us disconnected from the world.

The Causes Of The Lack Of Coverage

Lack of coverage can be very detrimental to users. But why is it? What are the possible reasons why a phone can be left without coverage? These are some of them:

  • Antenna location

First of all, the location of the antenna plays a fundamental role. If the antenna is at a great distance and its orientation is opposite, you may experience problems picking up the signal.

  • Shaded areas

When a mobile loses coverage, you have to take into account if it is in a “shadow area”. This term refers to those places where there is usually a lot of interference , such as tunnels, valleys or trees, among others.

  • Momentary failures

It can also happen that the signal is lost for temporary reasons, such as the antenna being undergoing maintenance or being repaired at the time.

  • Meteorological situation

There are external factors such as the meteorological situation that influence, and quite a lot. And it is that rains and storms greatly affect the signal.

  • Antenna saturation

Finally there is the saturation of the antenna. It refers to a high number of registered users on the same antenna and type of network, something very common in places that attract crowds such as tourist areas, football stadiums or concerts.

Solutions To The Lack Of Coverage

Sometimes coverage can fail at the most inopportune moment, such as in the middle of a work call or when using an app at the gym . Given this, what can be done? There are solutions , as well as some recommendations that must be taken into account.

  • The first thing to do is check that it is not a momentary failure . How? Resetting the mobile or turning it off and on. Once this is done, it will be necessary to look at whether the problem persists or not.
  • If the Internet connection is starting to fail , a tip is to disable mobile data to check if there are only problems with a specific network or technology. It is also important to identify other potential issues that may cause your internet connection to fail as well, such as reaching the data limit at maximum speed or being in an area where only 2G technology is available.
  • In the event that what does not work in the correct way are the calls , there are other aspects to attend to. Calls can also be affected by other causes beyond the coverage, such as a physical failure of the SIM card. In this case, you have to look for messages such as “No SIM” or “SIM card not detected” and, if it were this failure, a duplicate of the card would have to be made.
  • Also related to the SIM card , its typology must also be considered. And it is that, if it is a very old card, it can cause random network losses.

Finally, there are alternatives such as purchasing a signal amplifier . These devices are very useful if coverage problems are experienced in the area in which one lives. 

After installing the amplifier outside the building, usually on the roof, the antenna would transfer the mobile signal through a cable to the interior of the building, where other indoor antennas are also connected. The important thing is that these devices do not affect the operation of the mobile network or cause inconvenience to other users in the area.


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