All You Need To Know About Conversion Rate Check the Article

All You Need To Know About Conversion Rate?

Before answering that question, we have to answer a simpler one: “What is a conversion?”

A “conversion” is getting a user to take a certain action. And that action may be different depending on the objectives that we have set. For example, 3 of the most common are these:

  • Subscribe to the blog.
  • Fill out a contact form.
  • Make a purchase.

What Is The Conversion Rate?

For example, if you want to measure the conversion rate of a landing page, you set a period of time (one week), you control the number of visits received (let’s say 100) and the number of conversions (for the example, let’s say you only have there has been one).

How To Improve The Conversion Rate Of Your Blog Or Online Store To Get More Leads And Customers

Now we are going to explain 18 ways to give you a good boost to your conversion rate, but the reality is that there are many more. Therefore, when the post ends we want to make you a proposal (and peace of mind that is decent).

Define Your Value Proposition

This is no longer that important for conversion, but it is the basis of any Inbound Marketing strategy . Your value proposition is that message in which you explain to your customer why they should buy from you and not from the competition.

This differential element will be decisive in order to improve the conversion rate.

Imagine you have a pet store and you sell feed. But you do not go to the person who has a flat and a single pet, but to families with plots that usually have several dogs. Your customer needs to buy a lot of feed, which raises a problem: how do you transport those heavy bags?

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Well, your differential element may be there. You take the bags to his house for free.


Before we have defined conversion as the percentage of people who carry out the action that we had planned. So far everything is clear. Now we are going to ask you a simple question following the previous example:

If you sell dog food, who will it be easier for you to sell it to, the owner of a beautiful Angora cat or a German Shepherd?

Obviously not?

One of the keys to achieving a good conversion in an e-commerce or a blog is that you define well who your target audience is. That is why it is so important to know our Buyer person. The clearer we are about your needs, the better we can meet them.

Send The Right Traffic

We continue with the same example of the pet store. Most likely, you will not only sell feed for dogs, but also for cats or other animals. Hence, it is very important that you define well who you attract to your landing page;  because if you don’t segment, you can see yourself in the previous case: offering dog food to the owner of a cat.

How to guarantee that you attract qualified traffic?

  • Correct choice of keywords: the longer the tail, the more specific the audience will be: I think for senior dogs that weigh between 10 and 15 kilos (there is no option to be wrong).
  • Well-targeted PPC advertising campaigns: When you create a campaign on Facebook Ads , Adwords or any other type of advertising, you must be careful with the audiences you choose.
  • Specific content strategy: if you have more than one buyer persona (for example, according to each animal), also define a calendar and an editorial line according to each one.

The more you personalize the user experience with your website, the better the conversion rate of sales and leads you will get.

Landing Page

If we talk about conversion, sooner or later, the landing page has to come out somewhere. These pages are designed in a special way to achieve just that, that the client mobilizes and does what we want.

These pages, like the squeeze pages, are characterized by eliminating any distraction (menus, sidebar, widgets, etc.) and focusing the user on our objective.

If you want to create landing pages that trigger your conversion, read this post and this one about squeeze pages.

Lead Magnet

Another of the most important elements to improve our conversion in order to increase our mailing list. A lead magnet (if we translate it as it means “lead magnet”) is a gift that we offer to our visitors in exchange for their email. In a blog, the ebook or course format is very typical, but free consulting sessions can also be offered.

Fewer Clicks

There is a general rule of thumb when it comes to conversion rate: “the easier the process, the better.” Each new click that the user has to make to finish the process, will be a new customer flight.

Hence, all stores strive to improve their checkouts to reduce the volume of abandoned carts they have. A good example of this point is Amazon’s “1 click” payment system.

Fewer Options

The previous idea can be applied to the fact that the fewer options we offer the user (for this reason any distraction is eliminated on the landing pages) the better. A classic example of this is forms.

Your conversion will grow if you put only 2 cells instead of 3; but if you put 1 instead of 2, even better. How many you put or not will depend on the information that you consider essential to obtain.


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