Data Management How Data Management Will Evolve In 2021 Check

How Data Management Will Evolve In 2021

We are going to see how data management will evolve in 2021 in this article.

  • The generalization of the Data Fabric concept that takes advantage of AI technologies, the shift of focus on cloud architectures from migration to data integration and its greater monetization are  the three trends that will mark corporate data management in the year 2021 .
  • In all,  the  data virtualization  will play a key role . This has been predicted by  Denodo , recognized by the analysis firm Forrester Research as a  leader in Corporate Big Data for its rapid transition to Data Fabric  and also a  leader in the Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant for data integration tools.
  •  Denodo explains why these three trends will be key for companies in the coming year:

Generalization Of The Data Fabric Concept:

  •  In conventional data management architectures, meeting new requests for data or reports that arrive from business users is a slow and expensive process, often taking weeks or months. 
  • For this reason, many companies are betting on integration technologies such as Data Virtualization, which manage to drastically reduce these times.
  •  In 2021, this trend will consolidate as an overall data strategy and many companies will  implement the Data Fabric concept.. In addition to data virtualization, this concept uses Artificial Intelligence technologies to automate processes such as data discovery, query performance optimization, and system workload management.
  •  This will increase automation and speed in meeting new business needs, benefiting from the level of maturity that AI has reached in recent years. 

Focus On Cloud Architectures Will Shift From Migration To Data Integration: 

  •  Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this trend as companies have tried to reduce their reliance on local data centers. 
  • In the early years of cloud data management, the focus was on migrating data and systems to the cloud, but this approach has led to significant technical problems, such as new systems being only partially integrated with the rest of the IT architecture.
  •  As a consequence, the focus for cloud projects will shift in 2021 towards data integration: the priority will be to design a unified infrastructure to access and manage data from multiple locations. A) Yes, 

Most Widespread Data Monetization: 

  • The COVID-19 Pandemic Has highlighted the importance of having accurate and detailed data to make the best decisions. Given that many large companies have their own data and services of great value, the next logical step is to take advantage of it to offer it to third parties as well.
  •  For example, many telecommunications companies already sell their geolocation data, financial institutions do so with information on the valuation of financial assets, and real estate companies trade statistics on the housing market. 
  •  In this sense, Alberto Pan, CTO of Denodo, explains: “In the next year, we will see how more and more companies are betting on the concept of Data Fabric, and focus their efforts in the cloud on data integration, while They try to deepen their monetization. 

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