Smoking The Best Apps To Quit Smoking In 2021 Check Out The Apps

The Best Apps To Quit Smoking In 2021.

Here, in this article we are going to discuss about the best apps to quit smoking in 2021.

  • There is a propitious period to leave behind smoking, an addiction that causes more than 7 million direct deaths a year and against which technology has been allied.
  • 25% of smokers have managed to overcome the habit compared to 74% who have tried.
  • Tobacco is one of the most addictive substances that exist, after heroin and alcohol.
  • The turn of the year is a period paid for good purposes: exercising, losing weight, learning languages ​​. But there is one that stands out above all the others for the benefits it has on health, personal economy, physical appearance, self-esteem, social relationships. It is time to quit smoking.
  • Tobacco is one of the most addictive substances that exist, almost on the same level as other drugs such as heroin or alcohol. 
  • This addiction is due to the fact that when the lungs absorb nicotine, endorphins are released and the levels of dopamine in our body skyrocket and, with them, the sensation of pleasure and well-being. 
  • This makes it an inseparable but dangerous travel companion, which is also legal and causes more than 7 million deaths of direct consumers each year and 1.2 million deaths of people exposed to second-hand smoke.
  • Quitting smoking is very difficult. According to a report from the Observatory of the American Association against Cancer , almost a quarter of the American population is hooked on tobacco and, of this, it is estimated that 74% have tried to quit at least once in their life.
  • However, there is another data that invites optimism: 25% of the population affirms that they have abandoned this habit, which makes tobacco a powerful but beatable enemy. Although there are products such as gum and nicotine patches that help make up for the absence of this drug in the body, above all it takes large doses of will and a lot of perseverance to be able to quit tobacco.
  • In addition, technology has become a powerful ally in this battle thanks to the development of applications and assistive devices. Here are some of them:


  • This solution consists of an app and a smartwatch that is capable of detecting the movements and gestures made by a smoker thanks to an accelerometer and a gyroscope. 
  • Through them, the device can monitor the cigarette consumption of a smoker and generate information to send it both to the user himself and, where appropriate, to the doctor who supervises his evolution. 
  • The smartwatch records tobacco consumption and other data such as time of day, frequency and even the money that the smoker has spent..
  • The program has a motivational solution that offers personalized incentives to help smokers continue their treatment.

Stop Tobacco Mobile Trainer

  • This free app, designed by the College of Psychologists of Las Palmas and the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, starts from an initial diagnosis based on the so-called Fagüerstrom Test, which assesses the smoker’s degree of addiction, and on several tests that they measure their motivation and their consumption habits. 
  • This information is what allows designing a personalized schedule according to the needs of each person whose initial objective is to gradually reduce consumption and that continues with the abandonment of the habit and the adoption of relapse prevention measures. 
  • This app is available for iOS and Android devices .

MindCotine VR

  • This solution uses virtual reality to immerse the smoker in an immersive experience using stimulus exposure therapy and mindfulness or directed attention.
  • A part of the process consists of offering a simulated environment to the smoker so that he can face different situations and surpass the 10 levels of the program. Its objective is to get the person to understand their relationship with tobacco and identify the urge to smoke in order to control it, and do so through virtual experiences lasting 10 minutes over 21 days. 
  • This treatment only needs a cardboard cardboard viewer that works with the smartphone and its cost is around 350 dollars.


  • This app is free, available for Android and iOS, and uses mini-games and other distractions to help smokers avoid a relapse.
  •  The application offers health statistics and motivational tools that help the person to check the benefits that they acquire by quitting the habit.
  •  In addition, it has a “slow mode” that consists of a personalized plan designed to gradually quit smoking, and with a memory game that aims to overcome the temporary urge to smoke.


  • This app offers smokers a method to check the evolution of physical aspects such as blood circulation or physical capacity, based on information from the World Health Organization. 
  • It is available for free for Android and iOS devices .
  • These apps can provide a perfect foothold to quit smoking, as Barack Obama, Charlize Theron, Ben Affleck and Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards did before, who managed to overcome the latest in a long series of addictions and, in his own words, one of the harshest, last February.

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