What Are The Most Common Questions In A Job Interview - Check Them

The Most Common Questions In A Job Interview

In a job interview, the questions, as a rule, aim to:

Get direct and authentic information about your professional career and your personality.

Find out the suitability of your profile to the company and the position offered.

Below, you will find a  list of questions that are usually asked in any job interview . For the most common of all, we suggest some possible answers.

We advise you not to go to any job interview without having previously prepared the answer to these questions.

Prepare your answers in a manner consistent with your way of being and act naturally and sincerely.

Questions About Your Training

What do you think of the career you have studied? Why did you study that career?

Make a positive balance and focus the answer in such a way that the knowledge and skills most in line with the position you are applying for are highlighted. Write down how comfortable you are with your choice, the complementary activities and work carried out, practices, etc.

What subjects did you like the most / least and in which ones did you get the best / worst grades?

What was the most rewarding experience during your life as a student?

Did you hold any representative position during your time as a student (course delegate, member of an association …)?

Do you plan to expand your studies in any way?

Questions About Your Old Job, Boss, Or Colleagues

Why did you quit the previous job? Why do you want to change companies?

In no case do you start criticizing your old company, bosses or colleagues. If you do, the interviewer may think that you are not a trustworthy person. Bet on the “I want to take on more responsibilities” or “I want to gain more experience” card.

In the event that the reasons have more to do with a reduction in staff and layoffs, you can explain it. “Despite my good work, they had to do without me.” Flexibility and adaptability are increasingly valued, so you should not be ashamed if you have been fired.

Nobody is aware that one of the reasons that is usually hidden after a job change is to earn more money. For now, do not mention the subject, the time will come to talk about the salary. 

How about the relationship with your previous superiors?

Speaking ill of them even if what you say is true can be used against you. Be positive and don’t use irony. The interviewer will judge that the relationship with the new superiors will be similar to that maintained in the past.

Questions Regarding The Company And The Position Offered

Why do you want to work here? 

Make reference to the sector, and then to the company highlighting some important information, its strategic situation with respect to its competitors, its corporate values, its projects, products ..

Why do you think you are ready to access this position?

You have to respond with confidence, showing motivation for the position and the company. “I believe that I have the necessary knowledge to perform the position effectively, as well as great enthusiasm for being able to collaborate in a growing company in the sector.”

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