What Is And How Does A Smart Home Work Check The Complete Info

What Is And How Does A Smart Home Work?

Until not many years ago, smart homes were something that only appeared in science fiction. However, the technology we have today allows the construction of homes and buildings of this type. If you want to know what a smart home is and how it can work, be sure to read this article.

What Is A Smart Home

A smart home has a series of advanced technologies that allow automating different functions. These technologies are included in the term home automation. Within this concept we can find from the Internet of things to the connection through Wi-Fi. In this way, it is possible to control the security of the home, the temperature of the same, the operation of the electrical appliances from a distance or by means of a computer.

The first wave of smart homes was marked by energy control systems. These had enough capacity to know at all times the temperature, humidity and air condition in the home.

The main components to make a house intelligent are: the existence of sensors with which orders can be transmitted and the protocols that allow the different parts of the system to communicate with each other.

Principal functions

As we said before, one of the first functions was the energy and climate control of the houses. It was made from screens or controls. You should know that it is possible to turn the lights on and off automatically. With simple programming you could go on vacation without worrying about thefts, establishing a simple routine or turning them on from your mobile, many will think that you have not left. You will be gaining in security.

Another interesting function is the one that offers the connection of all household appliances. The refrigerators become a controlled and inventoried food warehouse. Whenever something is missing, the refrigerator will notify or make the purchase and can even give nutritional information, plan a diet or suggest recipes. So we would be gaining in comfort.

How Does It Work

Once you know what a smart home is and its main functions, you may wonder how it works. Surely you have imagined that computing is behind everything and you are correct.

The systems integrated in a smart home can be constituted in three architectures: centralized, distributed and mixed. The first uses a switchboard that controls and gives the orders. The distributed one works through several interconnected modules and the mixed one has a switchboard, but with parts that can work independently and as a team, if necessary.

The elements necessary for the operation are: management unit, sensors, actuators and a network for the pertinent communications.


Now that you know how a smart home works, it would be advisable for them to have good insurance. At the end of the day, all security is low since technology can fail and therefore, we must be forewarned.


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