Productivity What Factors Determine Productivity Things You Should

What Factors Determine Productivity? Things You Should Know

Productivity is one of the aspects that most concern companies in order to have an optimal use of their resources. As is known, performance and efficiency in the workplace have to do with the employees’ own abilities and the time invested in obtaining the results, but there are a few other variables that determine the productivity of a company that can sometimes even surprise us. We will tell you about them below.

Personal Factors That Determine Productivity

The personal factors of productivity are those directly related to the worker, his personality and his professional and personal environment. For more info like this,, you can check all the topics related to this in our site

1. Training

Adequate training for the job is essential to ensure employee productivity. Make sure that your team has the knowledge (theoretical and practical) necessary to make correct decisions and use the tools or computer equipment that are required for the correct performance of their work activity. For this it is very important that the selection of personnel tries to find a balance between people, their training and the position they hold. you can find training in many businesses.

2. The physical state

Productivity also depends on how fit people are. To carry out any task it is necessary that workers have a good diet, that they sleep enough hours, that they do not suffer from any disease or take drugs. If you want to maintain good health in your employees, provide them with an annual medical check-up that will help them take action if required.

3. Motivation

Just as important as physical health is mental health. Productivity will be higher if your team is motivated at work, something that is possible with a pleasant atmosphere in the office, with recognition and respect from superiors or with suitable contractual conditions. Make sure that this climate exists as much as possible, ensure team cohesion with fluid communication and exercise leadership based on empathy with your staff.

4. The commitment

The level of commitment to work also determines productivity. If a person feels identified with the company they work for and their expectations are rewarded, they are more likely to maintain a high commitment, which can translate, for example, into less absenteeism, greater punctuality and a greater sense of responsibility, also decisive factors for performance. It promotes the feeling of belonging with a company culture that shows closeness to the workers.

Organizational Factors That Influence Productivity

The organizational factors of productivity are those that are attributed to the company’s operating system and the decisions it makes in relation to its workers.

5. The work methodology

Productivity is also conditioned by the methodology used. If the work is divided by projects, you must analyze which methodology is the ideal one for its characteristics. Some environments tend to use agile methodologies that allow some flexibility in adapting to change, while others opt for more conservative methods that ensure greater understanding by all parties involved. Whichever methodology you choose must ensure productivity and the best possible results.

6. Remuneration and incentives

In some way, rewards must take into account the performance and individual characteristics of workers to ensure their productivity. Customize them as much as you can by linking them to performance and goals. Also check the fairness of this system, as it is always better for the worker to perceive it to cooperate with the company and be more productive. As we have already mentioned previously in this blog, flexible remuneration is an option to take into account.

7. The space and the environment

It is well known that workplace conditions are linked to productivity. It provides an adequate space to the needs with good lighting, noise level and visual order to make the working day more bearable. It proposes changes of location from time to time and, above all, also takes care of the environment with activities and meetings outside of work to generate a good atmosphere among employees.

8. The risk of accidents

Lastly, minimizing the risk of accidents at work is something that you must take into account to guarantee comfort and good working conditions. This will obviously affect performance.


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