4 Key Elements In The YouTube Algorithm - Check The Article For Full Info

4 Key Elements In The YouTube Algorithm

In the article, we’re giving insight on Youtube Algorithm.

The Importance Of Titles And Thumbnails

Titles are a fundamental element and it is the first place where you should write your keyword. Approximately 90% of the videos considered high ranking contained the keyword to be positioned within this element according to a study carried out by Briggs. To this must also be added the thumbnails, a still image that must visually accurately describe the content of your video.

Why are titles and thumbnails important to the YouTube algorithm? These two items are basically the first thing users see when they search or suggest a video. YouTube wants the videos to reach people who are genuinely interested in that content to trigger a long click.

Importance Of Long Clicks

First of all, do you know what short and long clicks are? Short clicks are those where a viewer enters and views a video in 10 seconds or less and that leads the YouTube algorithm to think that this video was not suitable for the user or that they did not satisfy their query.

On the other hand, long clicks are those where users view a video for 2 minutes or more and that, unlike short clicks, YouTube understands that this content has been adequate.

How Do We Improve Short Clicks To Long Clicks?

To improve a short click, two elements are essential. First, that the video has a good duration, which we will comment on in the next point. Second, that your videos contain a striking and impressive beginning that attracts the user to stay to continue viewing. The first few seconds of the video should generate interest for the rest of the video.

In this section it is also important to have subscribers, since these tend to be loyal users who are interested in your videos and who will help you improve your long clicks.

Video Length

Despite what you may think, videos on YouTube do not rank the same according to their length. But, what is the ideal time to improve the positioning of a video? Well, it is estimated that the minimum is approximately 2 minutes and the maximum about 20 minutes. In other words, videos with a duration of less than two minutes rank worse compared to videos of between 2 and 20 minutes.

Watch time can be considered a ranking factor in YouTube’s algorithm, so having longer videos will help you improve those watch times. But beware! Longer videos do not imply that they should not be of quality. You must create a complete narrative that keeps the user from beginning to end in your videos.

Video Adapted To Google SERPs

Depending on your Google search, YouTube video results may appear. This means that optimizing the title and description of your video can help you not only appear in YouTube searches but also in searches carried out on Google.

According to Briggs, the number of searches on Google is 15 times greater than the number of searches on YouTube, so your videos must match the user’s searches on Google. Respond in your videos to Google search intentions through a keyword study to improve your positioning.

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