B2B Marketing Plan

B2B Marketing Plan – Complete Guide

Before talking about the b2b marketing plan, we have to know what this type of marketing is.

Among the types of marketing that exist,  B2B marketing is one whose purpose is to create strategies that allow our products or services to reach another company and not the final consumer. In this post, we tell you what B2B marketing consists of.

Let’s start by looking at what B2B means. . o  B2B marketing is the one that is responsible for creating, delivering, and communicating the value of a certain product or service to a client who, in this case, will be another company and not the final consumer.

What Basic Aspects Should We Take Into Account In A B2B Marketing Plan?

Although B2B marketing and consumer-oriented marketing share common methods and aspects, the truth is that there are some exclusive to B2B marketing that we must take into account in order to develop our marketing plan.

The importance of collaboration and relationships between companies

Currently, concepts such as business culture and positive values, associated with social responsibility such as caring for the environment or fair trade, are very important and companies pay attention to them before establishing a collaboration or closing a business.

The Best Strategies To Improve Your B2B Marketing

But, what are the best strategies to improve our B2B marketing beyond transmitting a good image of the company to our customers? It is a question whose answer must take into account the current challenges facing B2B marketing:

  • develop new business
  • Capture  quality leads
  • Be updated and up to date with new trends
  • customer acquisition
  • Reinforce corporate identity

As we said above, companies now pay much more attention to the image we project and will be more receptive to acquiring our products or services if they feel identified with us and our values. Therefore, we must reinforce our corporate image, both inside and outside the Network. In this sense, we can carry out actions such as:

To have a good database, we have to be able to capture users, who will start out anonymous, but who, with the right tools, we can convert into records or leads that leave us their contact information to carry out that follow-up.

How Does Inbound Marketing Influence B2B Marketing?

We already mentioned it before, but we return to inbound marketing because this type of marketing can help us improve our B2B marketing strategy since it focuses on creating quality and personalized content to attract potential customers. About is useful for companies that offer complex and technical products or services, since the tools used by inbound marketing can help them communicate that specialized information in the best possible way.

  • Increase our domain authority by creating valuable content.
  • Give greater visibility to our brand.
  • Get more prestige and credibility before suppliers, customers, and investors.
  • Have a greater presence on the Internet.
  • Create a database with quality leads, to whom we can offer our products and services.

Create a lead nurturing channel adapted to the user’s purchase process (or funnel purchase). This will allow us to maintain direct contact with users and offer them content based on their interaction with the company or brand so that we become their benchmark. We will accompany, educate and prepare users to finally hire our services or buy our products.

Other b2b Consultancies


They are a B2B marketing consultancy in Barcelona. Specialized in communication and marketing plans in the industrial sector. They carry out custom projects in digital marketing, communication, and branding. They advise and help to convert the company in everything related to digital marketing.


ELYC is a B2B marketing consultancy that offers you personalized advice and their point of view so that you can enjoy the best advantages of digital marketing. They conceive of marketing as a corporate strategy management tool that encompasses all business development processes: product design, communication, marketing, loyalty, and customer service.


It is a b2b marketing consultancy. It is made up of a diverse group of passionate visionaries, artists, technicians, and thinkers who love what they do. Your product is your people. They are 100% results-oriented and data-driven to break down the barriers to scalable growth.


They are an institution dedicated to the development of strategies that will produce benefits for your business, they adapt to the situation of each client and analyze the situation to devise a plan that will generate benefits.

Hill Planet

They are a company that encourages interaction between them and customers so that they feel they can trust them and they focus on increasing your online visibility so that those who visit your page become future customers.


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