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6 Methods To Influence Your Potential Customers And Close A Business Visit

In today’s post we want to advise you to influence your potential customer in a business call .

As we have previously commented in previous articles on our blog, in the world of sales it is essential to have a good argument and commercial dialogue to generate leads and convert your target audience into customers.

Using the appropriate persuasion techniques during the conversation with your potential customer can help influence their status, achieving your main objective: the commercial visit .

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Here are a series of tips and methods to influence your potential customers:

  1. Be friendly and personable. We all like to be spoken to well. Using a pleasant tone of voice, and resorting to small jokes with the interlocutor can help us to generate empathy with him and that he has more confidence in us.
  2. Establish urgency or scarcity. Generate the idea that the product or service I am offering has a purchase limit. Whether it’s a temporary promotion or out of stock, creating this feeling of scarcity can help speed up the interlocutor’s decision.
  3. Explain the benefits. Detect what needs that specific potential customer may have and offer a personalized offer for him. Show him what advantages and benefits your product or service has that can solve his problems.
  4. Use social proof . Use your current client portfolio to show how satisfied they are with your product or service. People are guided by other people’s references and knowing that other companies are using it can be a stimulus to want to try it themselves. Mention a client of yours who is a generally known company in the industry to create this influence.
  5. Be swayed. If we want to influence a person, we also have to let that person influence us. Listening to their ideas and being respectful with them helps build trust and establish a bond in the company-client relationship.
  6. Foot in door.  It is a technique used in psychology to influence the person. It consists of asking the other person for something simple and then requesting something more difficult or important. Once someone has agreed to do something, even a minor thing, they are more likely to agree to do something truly important. For example, we can start by asking you to answer a couple of questions about how they currently have this service and then ask you for a commercial visit to discuss everything in more detail.

 There are many methods of influencing your potential customer. Each person uses them in different ways and adapts them in the way that seems most comfortable and easy. But by following these 6 methods, it will help you influence your potential client to close a business visit with him.

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