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Customer Experience Trends That Will Shape Marketing In 2022

Customer Experience Trends : As we enter 2022, now is the ideal time to set our marketing goals, KPIs, and targets for the year. With such a drastic change in customer behavior and consumer expectations over the past few years, customer experience is now more important than ever.

In fact, 86% of shoppers are willing to pay more for a product with a better customer experience. For the first time, companies are no longer competing on price, but on the experience throughout the customer journey.

So which CX trends will shape marketing in the coming months?

Hyper personalization

A recent study of 2022 CX trends by Feefo found that one-on-one and hyper-personalized experiences are coming to the fore. A great example of hyper-personalization is streaming service Netflix , where 80% of its video choices come from recommended content based on each user’s viewing history, likes, and ratings. Another is Nike’s ” Nike By You ” program, which allows consumers to customize shoes in ten different parts, giving each customer a unique pair of Nike shoes that they designed themselves.

The study also suggests that birthday vouchers are no longer creating real relevance.

Predictive Customer Insights

Brands are now using the data they have available about their customers to analyze the customer journey and deliver the right message at the right time to create a sales opportunity. Using data from past customers and AI (artificial intelligence) to create predictive data models, marketers can shape their communications to create ” micro -moments ” and reach potential customers with the right messaging at the exact moment in their journey. .

This represents a shift in marketing and communications from “we think you might find this useful” to “we know you’ll like this”, offering a truly unique and personalized experience.

Trust, Authority And Transparency

A key trend that was visible in 2020 and prevailing throughout 2021 is the need to demonstrate trust, authority, and transparency to customers. With more choice and competition online than ever before, it’s quick and easy for consumers to find a competing brand if the one they buy doesn’t measure up.

A plethora of new businesses and retailers have sprung up in the early days of and throughout the pandemic, leaving customers wondering how to separate the wheat from the chaff. Increasingly, customers are turning to reviews, recommendations, comments , and other trusted markers for peace of mind.

Using Video To Transform Customer Engagement

In addition to the need for trust, authority, and transparency, video content has enabled brands to showcase their products in the most authentic way possible . In fact, research from Wyzowl has found that 84% of consumers have been convinced to buy a product after watching a video.

The rise of TikTok , YouTube , and Instagram Reels has made video consumption higher than ever. With viral TikToks and Reels becoming responsible for product trends, one sales trend we are witnessing is small business ordering, where these small brands ship orders and drive sales through social media platforms.


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