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All You Need To Know About Instagram Applications

Instagram is the iPhone application, and only for iPhone so far, that allows us to take photos, tune them with filters and share them on Twitter , Facebook and other social networks . In just one year of life, this application exceeds 11 million registered people , adds 1.2 million per month and processes 15 photos per second . 

Quite a challenge for those who analyze the life of apps and their performance on the network. President Obama himself signed up for Instagram a few days ago and already has almost 200,000 followers.

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The message of this network is visual, it is the photos of the users that communicate and that makes Instagram a particularly interesting service, since they can add a thousand and one extensions, such as the ones we have collected:

  • Statigram for getting your Instagram account, profile and get statistics.
  • The Web Stagram is the native web space where the accounts of the application can be viewed, it is accessible to everyone, whether or not you have an account on this network.
  • Inkstagram , another website that allows you to view Instagram on the web in an agile, fast and simple way, with all the possibilities of the mobile application.
  • Instamaker is an application that allows you to create objects from Instagram photos . It is an excisional merchandising generator.
  • Cartagram is an application that allows you to geolocate Instagram photos and opens up a field of fantastic possibilities because it relates the image and the territory.
  • To save the photos on your hard drive and have them handy on other networks such as Flickr is Copygram
  • And before all this, those who take photos also have the option of using applications that modify the photos outside of Instagram and then use this network to share them, some of the most popular: Squaready is the best application to modify the presentation of photos in Instagram.
  • Qbro performs white balance filters.
  • Camera Plus is one of the most popular applications for Instagram. Its “ clarity ” filter is famous .
  • Snapseed is a very complete app, with many filters and frames .

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