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All You Need To Know About Content Curation

We explain about content curation in the article. The phrase is really powerful, and hides the formula for the success of digital content marketing (I include in this category the media that live on the content they publish).

The web 2.0 supposed the take off of the massive creation of digital content , triggering the volume of information available on the net. This has meant an important change in the rules of the game, since the mass media and brands saw their capacity for impact and notoriety diminished in such a crowded environment. Today, generating content, being a blogger, a tweeter, an Instagrammer  is a commodity: anyone can do it, and in most cases reaching similar levels of functionality and quality , that is, generally low .

In an environment in which anyone can generate content, serving as a curator has a great differential and utility value for your digital audiences. The curation of content has a capital value in the loyalty of audiences , in the generation of thematic authority of the brand, and in short in all the processes of brand construction in the digital environment.

The challenge that brands must face (and this is where I solve the enigma of why this is an opportunity for creatives) consists of the need to continually build their brand , through a permanent content flow and permanently aligned with their brand identity and the interests of your audience.

It is not a technological challenge (the Internet in general is no longer a technological challenge), there are a multitude of curation solutions for companies, more or less expensive and sophisticated, such as Curata , Daylife , Onespot … For the less wealthy always We will have Google, Delicious, our feeds reader 

The challenge is one of quality , and that is where the figure of the advertising creative comes into play; From my point of view, he is the most capable of building, or rather, to spin the history of the brand , through curation processes :

The curation processes also involve how the selected information is presented visually , so the UX or Infographic experience of the creatives is another added value contribution. Also, who are you going to turn to when you can’t find the content you need? Exactly, the one who is capable of creating it, and that’s the … exact, that’s it.

For others, I recommend Jux for a more mundane and personal use, which shows that although the term is ugly, content curation can lead to experiences of great aesthetic value.

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