What Is The NFC Connection On The Mobile Check The Info

What Is The NFC Connection On The Mobile?

NFC or near-field communication is a short-range, high-frequency wireless communication technology that allows data exchange between devices. In short, NFC connectivity allows a person, through their mobile phone, to send information to another element that has the same connection

Both NFC and bluetooth are types of wireless connectivity. However, the latter is specifically designed to transmit files between devices that are in a remote radius from each other. In contrast, the NFC only has a radius of 20 centimeters for the exchange of information to be effective.

The technology behind NFC is very simple. These are two spiral antennas that are placed inside a label , and are attached to the device. These antennas create a magnetic field by induction in which one can be active and the other passive, or both active. As soon as one comes into contact with the other, the connection is made, this being practically instantaneous.

What Can NFC Be Used For

NFC connectivity has seen its use skyrocket as a result of the current situation in which the exchange of coins and bills can be considered unsafe. Mobile payment has established itself as an alternative to consider, and there are already many who have shed their fears and have embraced NFC technology to be able to make their purchases.

Paying with your mobile is the most frequent use of NFC tags, which are derived from the contact bars of transport vouchers or bank cards. But it is not the only one: there are speakers that connect with our mobile phone through contact, and it can even serve to offer useful information for the user, such as passing the bus card through the mobile to indicate how much balance is left.

It also plays a very important role in the internet of things . For example, when someone comes home they can automatically connect to the Wi-Fi network thanks to an NFC tag. Or activate the silent mode when you approach the bedside table in your room. By placing labels strategically, the process is automated.

How To Know If Your Mobile Has NFC

On Android

As simple as going to the section mentioned in previous paragraphs. If you look at the corresponding section, the smartphone has NFC technology. Otherwise, it lacks it. It can also be consulted in its own technical data sheet through the official website of the manufacturer.

On iOS

In this case, you must enter the iPhone settings and click on the ‘ Apple ID ‘ section . Inside is a list of devices connected to the mobile owner’s personal Apple account. By clicking on the section corresponding to the telephone, information about it will appear. It must be taken into account that it must be iPhone 6 or higher. If so, you can enjoy NFC connectivity.


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