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How To Improve Customer Relations?

Nowadays, getting a customer is much more expensive than keeping one . Thanks to the contribution that they make to us, we can affirm that it is true that the relationship with our clients is something that we must take care of if we intend to retain them .

If we achieve loyalty, the possibilities that they can recommend us will rise significantly, having options to get to multiply our income, since it is already known of the enormous force that word of mouth continues to exert.

Guidelines To Improve The Relationship With Our Clients

Listen To Your Customer .

 On many occasions we offer proposals for closed products or services, without considering the needs of each and every one of our clients. In an SME or small business, it is vital that we pay close attention to this point.

Imagine that you have a small pet store and you only buy pet food from certain brands. Clients who are looking for something more specific than what a large surface can offer them will surely come to your store.

Attending to their requests and incorporating the brands or products that they request is something basic to be able to differentiate yourself from the competition and pave the way to retain your customers.

Get To Know Your Customer And Offer Them Personalized Content . 

Following the line of the previous paragraph, not only is it enough to offer him what he is looking for, but to get to know him to anticipate his wishes and needs.

Based on the pet store example above, let’s say you’ve already offered your customer a certain type of low-grain food. We know, therefore, that the dog has stomach problems.

You can, then, contact your supplier to get a feed without any type of higher quality cereals and with a somewhat higher price. Without a doubt, your client will appreciate the gesture and it is very possible that he will end up acquiring the new brand.

As a final result, the dog will have better digestion, your client will be more satisfied and also, you will increase the profit margin.

Maintain A Critical Attitude And Always Seek To Improve

Based on the criticism you may receive and your own judgment, make a list of your strengths and those that you can improve when it comes to customer service.

If, for example, you have taken a long time to acquire an order, take your responsibility, even if the problem is from your supplier. It is clear that the customer is the one who is not at fault, so it is advisable to apologize and try to compensate, for example, with a discount on this or future orders.

The important thing is that you maintain a decisive attitude. If the client observes that you leave each adverse situation reinforced, you will be able to show him that you are capable of always offering him a viable solution to any conflict.

Carry Out A Personalized Follow-up . 

Whether your business is traditional or online, it is vital that you record what products or services they have purchased so that you can always ask them about the result.

If they have been satisfied, you can keep them informed about similar products. If not, do your best to offer them something that can be the perfect fit for what they need. Remember that the basis of your relationship with clients lies in mutual trust. If you win his favor, you will have managed to retain him.

Online Sales Techniques: Upselling and Cross Selling

If you have an ecommerce, you may have heard of these two concepts or, at least, you are familiar with their techniques even if you have not named them, since they are really traditional practices that have been implanted in physical businesses all their lives .

Upselling . It is based on offering the customer a related higher-end product when searching for a certain product. In the case of ecommerce, it is recommended that the customer has not added the product to the cart at the time of offering the related one, as we run the risk of it being saturated and abandoning it.

For example, if the customer is looking for an inexpensive digital camera, we can relate to him a higher quality one once he has clicked on the product sheet, so that he can doubt when comparing if it really is not worth paying a little more for more quality in your photographs.

In a traditional business, we can apply this same technique with the example of pet food. A client chooses a standard brand and we can offer him a Premium one, advising him on the enormous advantages.

Cross Selling . Also known as a sales multiplier or cross-selling, it consists of offering the customer a complementary product. For example, if he has purchased a red checked shirt, we can offer him navy blue pants, white sneakers or a scarf as accessories that can complement his look.

This example, as with upselling, is valid for both online and traditional businesses , and in both cases it has led to an increase in conversions, purchase price and number of products per purchase.


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