10 Google Chrome Extensions That You Must Have - Check The List

10 Google Chrome Extensions That You Must Have

Google Chrome is, for many, the best search engine there is today: it goes very fast, it is very intuitive, it is easy to use, etc. But, after all, they all serve the same purpose, right? They all allow searching on the internet. So what is it about Google Chrome that makes it one of the most acclaimed search engines by users? According to many, it is the Google Chrome extensions that make the difference . Extensions are applications or tools that we can integrate into the browser to execute actions more quickly and easily. 

The best? Variety. There are so many, of so many types, that can serve you both in your private life and in your work or your studies. Surely we have all used extensions at some time, but do we really know how to make the most of this service of Google ?Do we know the ones that can help us the most? Probably not, but take it easy! We bring you the definitive list of extensions that cannot be missing in your search engine . Keep reading! [Do you need help this month? Apply for your loan here ]

The 10 Google Chrome Extensions That Will Make Your Life Much Easier

1st. AdBlock.

Have you ever tried to put on a movie or series and every time you clicked on the screen, pop-up tabs would open? And how many times have you tried to access a link and had to close unwanted ad tabs ? Surely more times than you would like. Luckily, Google Chrome offers you AdBlock, an extension that blocks these tabs. What are you waiting to install?

2nd. Avast Online Security.

All computers come with a trial version of antivirus . But when this is over, not everyone buys a new program. This can be a danger, as many viruses can enter through the Internet. For this reason, it is important that your computer is protected, for example, with Avast Online Security, an extension that analyzes the security of the links you want to enter. Install it and forget about worrying about unsafe pages!

3rd. Toby.

If there is something missing in all search engines, it is a way to manage the tabs. Have you ever wanted to save groups of tabs and had them open for days? It has happened to all of us. But that’s over with Toby, the extension that allows you to organize and save tabs and groups of tabs and classify them with labels. In addition, it also allows you to search for a certain link in case you do not remember in which collection it is stored. So you can access the links you want in just one click.

4th. LastPass.

Everyone probably has multiple passwords, as not all applications have the same requirements to create them. Therefore, it is normal that sometimes it is difficult to remember the password of each website and we end up trying all of them until we find the correct one. The solution to this is LastPass, a password manager that stands out among the Google Chrome extensions in which you can store them all. This way, you won’t have to remember all your passwords, you just have to remember LastPass’s, and voila!

5th. Momentum.

Momentum is the ideal tool to work in a more relaxed and inspiring environment .This extension will show the time, a relaxing wallpaper and a motivational phrase on the initial screen. In addition, you can set your pending tasks and the main task for each day. Thus, Momentum will show you the main thing in the center of the screen, helping you to be more productive and focus on your priorities. Install it and you won’t regret it!

6th. Print Friendly & PDF.

If we want to print an article from the Internet, the fastest thing is to print it from the website itself, right? But sometimes there are so many images and so much advertising that we choose to copy and paste the text into Word. Although this saves ink, we also waste a lot of time, which is why you cannot miss Print Friendly & PDF, an extension with which you can eliminate all the parts of the web page that you do not want to print: a fast and effective method, what else can you do? ask?

7th. Super Dark Mode.

Today there are thousands of professions that consist of spending the entire working day in front of the computer. This, on the one hand, is very comfortable; but it also ends up damaging and tiring your eyes. This is the reason why experts advise using the “dark mode”, already present in many applications and mobile devices. If you want to apply this to your searches and not strain your eyes, you just have to download Super Dark Mode, the extension that shows all websites in a black background. Give it a try!

8th. Toggl.

Surely you have ever wondered how much time you have spent doing something. Especially if you work with the computer and you want to check if a certain service or client is profitable for you. For this you can use Toggl. Thus, you will be able to count the time you spend on a website or doing a specific task. And all in one click! Isn’t that reason enough to install it?

9th. Pushbullet.

When we want to send files from one device to another, we usually resort to using the cable or uploading it to Google Drive. And when we want to save a link, we usually send it to ourselves by mail or by WhatsApp to see it from the other device, right? If it also happens to you, the extension you need is Pushbullet, which allows you to synchronize your devices and transfer files and links in a flash. Do not miss it!

10th. Pocket.

This last thing that we have told you is sometimes much easier. If you find an important article or YouTube video most interesting, but don’t have time to watch it right now, you don’t need to transfer it to the other device. In these cases you can use Pocket. This extension allows you to save articles and videos to return to them later.


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