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Why Organize An Open Doors Day To Sell Your House

Open Doors : Within the different aspects of the real estate sector in the Aragonese community, today we are going to explain what an Open House is, why it can be interesting to sell your house and how to organize it.

The Open House or also known as an open house day, is undoubtedly a very new trend in Aragon and that reaches the Real Estate Market of our community from the United States.

What Is An Open House?

In a reduced way, we can say that an Open House is a day in which a real estate agency almost establishes its headquarters in a specific home, and customers interested in acquiring it can visit it without booking an appointment.

How Is An Open House Organized?

To organize an open day for a home, you have to set a date and time for visits, so that potential buyers can come without an appointment, which undoubtedly makes it very attractive.

For Marta, it is important to emphasize that home visitors who come to the Open House identify themselves and are always guided by a real estate buyer’s agent.

All these measures, without a doubt, speed up the sales process and make things much easier for people or families interested in acquiring it, since the visiting hours of the Open House are extensive and adapt to different time slots for the benefit of visitors.

Where does the idea of ​​promoting a home with an Open House come from?

The event also serves so that in addition to the real estate company promoting the sale of that particular home, it is made known among the citizens of the area because the   Open House is accompanied by an important promotion day.

The marketing director of Landa Properties explains that the idea of ​​holding these open days, which are giving such good results, arose from the numerous formations in the real estate sector that they attend.

In these specialized training for real estate agents, such as Inmociónate, SIMA (International Real Estate Exhibition of Madrid) , Real Estate Union (National Congress of Real Estate Agents) , … or others organized by the APIS 

Association of Aragon; A reference is always the American sources and the success stories of marketing actions implemented in this very competitive real estate market.

This made Landa Properties rethink the possibility of incorporating the Open House in the real estate market of Aragon and more specifically in Zaragoza.

What Objectives Are Achieved In An Open House?

Organizing an Open House can cover all the objectives that any real estate agent has when it comes to marketing a property and selling it at the best price in the shortest possible time:

A lot of visibility is given to the house for sale, due to the marketing actions associated with it: Web, Social Networks, real estate mailings, posters in the area, and advertisements in the most representative businesses close to the neighborhood property,…

You get a high number of visits to the property, concentrated in a single day, which otherwise can take much longer.

You concentrate on Real Estate Agents and real estate resources in the house for sale, with which the client is given better service and answers to any question related to the real estate sector and that are services adjacent to the commercialization of the house (contracts, deposits, taxes, financing,…

You position the real estate agency as a benchmark in the area and give it notoriety in the face of other potential clients interested in selling or renting their home in the short, medium, or long-term future.

They increase the chances of closing the sale of the house since if a client is very interested in the house, they will try to reach an economic agreement given the real possibility that that same day there are other buyers interested in acquiring it.

Steps For The Success Of An Open House

The event has important preliminary work for the agency that tries to make it known in the area so that everyone who is interested or is simply curious, is clear about what is going to happen.

In the words of Marta Rosales, there is a very important previous work consisting of the dissemination of the Open House, the coordination of agendas and the phases of the event:

Fixing the date of the event and that although it seems obvious, it is very important to give it the relevance it deserves and that it does not overlap with other events in the neighborhood, the area or the city, which harm attendance.

Adapt the visiting hours of the Open House so that the greatest number of people can attend.

Promote the event to generate expectations:

  • Mailing of the area.
  • Real estate website.

Exclusive landing of the Open House including property, dates, visiting hours,…

Sending an email to the real estate database filtering by clients interested in properties of the characteristics of the house for sale or the area where it is sold (Centro, Montecanal, Casablanca, Romareda, Delicias, Torres, San José, The sources,…

Dissemination of the event on social networks where the real estate agency is active, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube,…

Coordination of agendas of real estate agents and even on the day of the event they move around the area to continue publicizing the event to those people who have not noticed the celebration of the Open House.

Placing banners, gifts of balloons, candies,… creating an expectation that people like, and although that particular house is not the house they are looking for, there are owners who value very positively the way the real estate company works and trust their homes to put them up for sale.


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