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What Is A Webinar? How It Works, Where To Do It And Benefits

All strategy is small when we talk about digital marketing. We have hundreds of tools and resources to exploit, in a market that is updated and renewed every hour. In terms of content and communication strategy, the webinar organization is totally booming, but what is it actually?

Surely at some point, especially in recent weeks, you will have heard about webinars of different categories; sales webinar, marketing webinar, leadership and design webinar, and much more. This concept is the renewed name of the webinar, focused on giving a workshop or seminar on a specific topic. The disruption of this seminar method is its combination with the channel most used by any user today, the internet. To be able to enjoy a webinar, you will only have to have a computer or device with internet access.

The webinars, like a regular face-to-face conference, is done directly, being able to see him or the speaker at all times, along with the presentation that he has prepared. These types of online events are an important learning tool for the user, as well as being able to participate in an idyllic networking environment.

The benefits are not exclusively for the user. Companies or freelancers who decide to hold a webinar, improving the visibility of their brand or company, speaking towards a previously segmented sector. It becomes an opportunity to reach and obtain leads for you or your company.

While the creation of a face-to-face event can entail a large investment for your company, in many cases inaccessible, creating it you will only have to have the person who will carry out the webinar, a computer, a platform to stream the webinar (the most used are free) and a previous advertising campaign to promote the event.

 The Alternative In Times Of COVID-19

Like many other events or the conference concept itself, it comes from the United States. Although in recent years the webinars in many parts of the world have had enormous growth. This webinar boom has had its origin, mainly, by the health crisis situation that we are currently experiencing due to COVID-19, being the best alternative for many companies to continue their commercial activity and interaction with current and new clients.

There are many platforms on which you can broadcast your platform. The best known, and free, are through them on YouTube, webinar on Skype and webinar on Hangouts. Other alternatives, also free but less trend, are; Zoom, Webex and Moodle.

Differences Between Webinars And Videoconference

Although they are apparently similar, there are many differences between a webinar and video conferencing. A webinar aims to reach as many people as possible, transferring the information you want to impart as a professional in a sector. In the case of videoconferences, it is mainly attributed to meetings with clients, internal meetings in a company or, ultimately, with a smaller audience and with the possibility of everyone speaking during it.


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