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5G phones, The best, The Cheapest?

Can you imagine that you could download a high definition movie to your smartphone, tablet or computer in just one minute? Well, that is possible with 5G mobiles, the ultra-fast speed connection is already in mobile devices and is going to revolutionize the world of communications. Not surprisingly, it can reach a speed 20 times higher than its predecessor, 4G, and also helps to have a more stable connection and coverage.

Best Mobiles With 5G Technology

Many users wonder which phones have 5g, which phones are compatible or which ones integrate it. In this list, we show you the best 5G mobiles, including some cheap ones so that they are affordable for all budgets.

iPhone 12 Pro Max And Pro

The iPhone 12 range of phones doesn’t just have the most 5G bands of any phone. But you can enjoy those speeds for a long time, thanks to the large battery that these phones equip.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max features a bright, immersive 6.7-inch OLED display, ideal for streaming video and displaying the photos you take with the Pro Max’s star cameras.

The three rear cameras of the phone are augmented by a LiDAR sensor, achieving some of the best photos that can be taken from a smartphone.

Why Use 5g Mobiles?

5G technology will allow incredibly fast mobile downloads and 100% stable coverage anywhere. We will also discover a hyper-connected world, in which cars, buildings, urban elements and the smart home will undergo a spectacular revolution. Discovering how 5G works and the mobiles that already have this technology will be a great advance in your day today.

10 Keys To 5G Coverage

1.It is expected in 2021: in the United States, China and Japan (surely also in other Asian countries, but they keep it secret) the 5G fabric is being effectively developed. In these countries, plans suggest that in 2021 it will be a real communication option.

2.In Japan in 2018, the Japanese government auctioned frequencies related to 5G. The different operators are already working on their diversification, but he estimates that until 2021 you will not be able to fully enjoy their services.

3.Speed: 5G can reach download speeds of up to 10 Gbps.

4.Coverage: 5G uses 4G access points (that is, there is already much progress) and there are those who point out that the smartphones themselves could act as signal replicators. 5G is capable of covering one hundred devices per square meter.

5.Saturation: practically zero, because 5G networks optimize the signal much better than 4G.

6.Price: 5G networks offer a greater amount of data than 4G but at a much lower cost. Will it result in the user’s invoice?

7.Latency: in 4G networks it is 20 milliseconds; in 5G it is 4 (always in optimal conditions).

8.Power consumption 5G is much more energy-efficient than 4G. In principle, this should have a positive effect on the devices in terms of autonomy.

9.Goodbye cables: any computer that currently needs a cable to establish 4G communication, with 5G you can do without it.

10.Goodbye fibre?: with everything described, what is the use of WiFi in your home?

2021: Year Of Mobile With 5G

Everything seems to indicate that in other parts of the world, 5G mobiles will arrive definitively in 2021, although the first pilot tests began a couple of years ago.

An example is the National 5G Plan, through which the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce, together with administrations and companies from different sectors, took the first steps to install this technology at the national level.

Another case: also two years ago, Orange achieved speeds of more than 15GBps and flew a drone thanks to 5G technology. Vodafone and Huawei got the world’s first 5G call in 2019.

Beyond these initiatives, there are many smartphone manufacturers that have anticipated the implementation of this technology and have already presented their models or prototypes of 5G mobile phones.


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