What Are The Best Business Ideas To Start In 2021 Check the Info

What Are The Best Business Ideas To Start In 2021?

There are many best business ideas around us, what we must do is to grab it at the correct time. We’re discussing some working business ideas in the article.

Asset Tokenization Platform 

Asset tokenization refers to the process of converting real assets, such as a building, a car, a work of art, or anything else, into digital assets and converting the property rights of a particular asset into a digital token. With the creation of a platform, property rights would fall on different individuals who contributed small contributions to the creation of assets. A kind of shared patronage whereby investors receive a return proportional to the amount contributed. It is a form of investment that, in simple terms, can be understood as acquiring a small part of something.

Investors’ rights are reflected in a distributed registry using blockchain technology. The tokens would always be linked to a specific account (wallet or virtual purse) that will allow its holder to either own or transfer the tokens.

Within the real estate sector, different platforms have already emerged but there are many other use cases pending to be explored, such as intellectual property, loans or any other asset that, in the conventional world, would be susceptible to being elevated to a public deed.

Fitness At Home

The idea is suggested by Santi Román , director of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation program and professor in the Master in Digital Business Management at OBS Business School . Román’s recommendation is based on success stories such as Peloton ,the fitness companies that swept through lockdown as an alternative to gym closings. Based in New York City, Peloton offers, among its main products, the sale of exercise bikes, treadmills or an application for 39 dollars per month. 

However, what has made it more popular is its personalized remote workouts. The company, launched in 2012 with the help of a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, has emerged as one of the big winners in recent months with growth of 66% and 30% in terms of membership of its application. The company debuted last year on the Nasdaq.

Other technology companies have decided to join this trend. Among them is Apple, which has just launched  Fitness + , a premium physical activity service for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, although it is not yet available. Apple Fitness + is priced at $ 9.99 per month in the US. There is an annual fee of $ 79.99. 

In Cybersecurity: Teleworking And New Technologies

Cybersecurity will be one of the priority issues for all companies in 2021, taking into account that cybercrime is in full expansion and that its impact on the business can be decisive. In 2019 alone, cybercrime caused losses of more than 1% of world GDP, over 800,000 million dollars. According to experts from Excem Technologies , a company specialized in cybersecurity, it is expected that in 2021, 55% of companies will increase their budget in this chapter. The forecasts for the year to come are that a large part of the population will continue to telework, even if they combine it with days at the office. The fact of not storing all the information on the same server makes them more vulnerable.

Likewise, the increase in digital tools, the Internet of Things or the use of Artificial Intelligence are also circumstances that increase the risk of cyberattacks, hence this is an interesting niche to continue exploring and launching new business models on the market. .


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