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Best Premium WordPress Templates

I am going to review the premium WordPress templates that I like the most, that I usually use in my designs and that I want to highlight, but I understand that each designer has different header themes and uses different templates. You know, each teacher has his booklet

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Divi is my favorite premium WordPress template, my header theme (it is the one I use in this blog). I usually use it in my designs, since its visual editor allows you to create almost any type of website.

It is the best template of the almost 90 available in Elegant Themes, and it is characterized by the “Divi Builder”, a very intuitive visual editor that allows you to design in real time.

Of course, it is a fully responsive theme that allows you to customize all its elements : header, fonts, menus, sliders, footer, etc.

Its editor is organized into sections that we can easily create, delete or modify. In addition, we can drag and move the columns to place their modules to our liking.

All these modules can also be customized : images, galleries, buttons, announcements, entries, tabs, tables, drawers, calls to action, accordions, portfolio and several dozen more.

Finally, note that all kinds of structures can be created: full width, one column, two columns …


Zeen is one of the latest premium WordPress templates that I have discovered and tested thanks to its own developer.

It is a theme designed to create magazines, blogs or online stores with a modern and creative style. It allows you to enhance your creative ideas and create attractive sites whatever their theme: travel, viral, food, news, etc.

In addition to its own editor to layout content (Tipi Builder), Zeen includes more than 30 demos so you can create all kinds of sites organized according to the web format: magazine, blog, one page, stores and portfolios. They are totally unique and can be imported very easily.

Orbital Theme

The second topic I want to mention is Orbital, which I had been told about as the best WordPress template for SEO , and to get out of doubt what I have done is test it.

To do this, I have created a WordPress installation on my test hosting and I am going to tell you what has caught my attention the most.

At the design level, it is not as complete as other templates (such as Divi, for example, which includes its own visual editor). To layout pages with Orbital you will have to resort to the WordPress block editor: Gutenberg.

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