Apps How To Use Your Own Apps To Build Loyalty Winning Strategy

How To Use Your Own Apps To Build Loyalty Winning Strategy?

In this article, we’re going to discuss on how to use your own apps.

  • There has been a fever for a few years to create mobile apps of any brand or product, almost for any action. 
  • It is an option that responds to the growing use of smartphones by the majority of the population. But before deciding to create a mobile application for the business or brand, we must ask ourselves if it will have added value, if it will compensate customers for downloading it and occupying a permanent space on their mobile.
  •  In this case, it is necessary to put pros and cons on a scale and take into account that a few apps take a fairly large percentage of downloads.
  • In majority countries around US, Spain and china  there are 27.7 million active app users who have installed an average of 17.8 applications on their smartphone, and about 11.4 on their tablet , according to the Ditrendia Mobile Report in Spain and in the World 2017 .
  •  Of these apps chosen by users, ultimately only use 9 on their smartphone and 4 on their tablet. Every month the mobile user usually downloads about 2 new apps on average, with which it can be seen that many apps are downloaded , but when not used, they are discarded and uninstalled .
  •  In this context, we must ask ourselves: Does my brand’s app have guarantees of success?

Create Your Own App

  •  They are data from a webdefamily analysis based on studies by Comscore and other sources, and indicate that mobile device users spend almost 100% of their time on 3 apps , and about half of the time using only one, the most appreciated by the user.
  •  For this reason, when designing an app it is very important to direct it to consumers and specific moments, as this source already indicates, because the competition is very high.
  • There are apps whose success has been clearing and everyone downloads them by having a mobile. The type of apps with an upward trend in use are social and messaging apps (349%), finance and business (43%), and shopping (31%) and sports (25%). If our app is more focused on offering promotions, discounts and other loyalty actions, a downloadable app may not be the most optimal. Especially if the use of the app will not be daily, its installation may be meaningless.

App To Retain Customers

  • A Customers got bored of spooling cards to get discounts, and now they can get tired of having their cell phone capacity hijacked by apps they don’t use regularly.
  • When we are setting up a loyalty program and the idea of ​​creating an application to manage the relationship with these customers and their rewards arises, we must ask ourselves if it will be worth it for the user to always have that application installed.. Most of these apps allow other actions such as locating the nearest franchise, brand or club establishments, managing reservations or checking the news. But these actions are easy from other apps such as TripAdvisor or Google maps, which serve us for daily queries.
  • So the basic idea is clear: to be able to generate a customer loyalty program that can be accessed via mobile . In this way we can distinguish that client, identify him with a name, surname, an email, perhaps even a telephone number, and locate him geographically, with which our marketing team can generate more personalized and effective promotional actions.
  •  And therefore, contribute to generating VIP clients who are loyal to the brand and who return periodically to the establishments to generate more purchases. Is there another way to use an app for this, without asking the customer to install it?
  • Yes, there is this possibility. It is about generating promotional apps and installing them online . There are online customer loyalty and promotion software, such as Easy promos, which allows you to customize an app and embed it using a widget on a website. Not only does it comply with a totally mobile friendly design, but it is responsive and adapts to any type of screen.
  • The same can be done with a personalized url, for example, if we want to create our own website to promote the loyalty club. Or if we want to direct the beneficiaries of the promotions to our Facebook page; It can also be installed as an app within a brand page of this social network, or share the url of the app in a publication. 
  • The user experience that we want to retain will be via mobile, it will be optimal, and we also save you the hassle of installation.

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