All You Need To Know About Startup Marketing Strategies

All You Need To Know About Startup’s Marketing Strategies

In this article, we explained about startup marketing strategies in a precise manner.

We must know our position in the market – SWOT matrix – and identify our weaknesses, opportunities, strengths and threats “. 


After this point, the process of the marketing plan begins for which, according to the speaker, it is necessary to “set objectives” in the first place. This means clearly defining the quantitative and qualitative objectives of the company and, once clear, establishing more concrete and specific objectives according to the type of customer to which it is going to be sold. It is the key factor for success of startup companies.

“The strategy will be different if we are targeting individuals or companies, if our project is B2B or B2C.” In addition, it is committed to setting realistic objectives and marking them in the short and long term with different goals in each phase. 


To take into account how to start an audit, it is crucial, ask whether you start from scratch or not and what you have at that time. In this phase, it is necessary to have three basic pillars: a defined buyer -the ideal client-; a study of the competition – knowing it perfectly to see where you are with respect to what you want to achieve. You must also know the market trends and be attentive to it to know where it turns to apply it to the marketing strategy

Marketing Plan

This point should contemplate different phases. To do this, you must have well-defined short-term and long-term objectives. Likewise, the firm’s fixed costs must be considered – how many people are in the team and how much money it entails, and variable costs based on the budget available. 

Organizing the budget is another fundamental part, applying percentages to the total amount to determine expenses and design campaigns according to the objectives that may be quarterly, quarterly or with another frequency according to the needs of each project. 


The tools that can help the marketing of a startup are those that help automate and facilitate content. For example, those directed to mailing , (sending mass and segmented mail, with applications such as Hubspot  or Pardot ). Chatbots are tools that integrate into the web to answer simple questions automatically (as Livebeep or Zendesk ).

The  project planner  tools help to manage the project with the team without anything escaping (Monday or Asana or examples of them. Finally, the tools to schedule social media posts with urls are, for example, Hootsuite  or  Postcron . 


“Sometimes the data speak for themselves and we ignore them, we listen more to emotions and we have to look at those data,”. This part is one of the most important, according to the communication expert, for a high-level analysis. 

We must know if we can arouse interest in customers based on their needs; the consideration of knowing what the market offers: the decision, if the customer will buy the product in response to their needs and, finally, reach the objectives; measure all previous actions to ensure that the goals set are achieved. 


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