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Gigaset Mobile Phones: Reviews, Features And Prices

Gigaset mobiles are one of the milestones in the sector . The brand offers a wide range of really different mobile phones that clearly differ even from an aesthetic point of view.

And we will analyze these technical differences and not in the course of the article, where there will be much to discover (reviews, best models, offers and characteristics of the different terminals).

We specify that the Gigaset telephone belongs to the well-known German company Siemens, which is also a manufacturer of telephones of all kinds.

Best Gigaset Phones

  • Choosing is not easy, but we have tried it anyway. Here are some models of the Gigaset mobile phones that we have chosen to help you make the right choice.

Gigaset Cordless Phones For Seniors

  • Gigaset cordless phones for seniors feature a large display and large keys. The sound is amplified and the ringer volume is adjustable , so it can also be raised to a certain level (so that even the elderly can hear the phone ringing).
  • Additionally, cordless phones like the  C570 feature jumbo characters. Among the cheapest  cordless phones for seniors, we recommend  E260.

Gigaset VoIP Phones

  • There are also models, such as the  C530 Ip that allow you to choose between the traditional line and the Voip line. Thus, these phones offer the possibility of using the Internet connection to make calls .
  •  But taking advantage of the Internet has other benefits as well, such as the ability to use special applications, such as Contacts Push, for immediate transfer of contacts from smartphone to cordless phone.
  • In addition, you can receive notifications directly on your phone or even access social networks. In short, many more advantages. Among the best Voip cordless phones  is the C530 A.

 Duo Wireless

  • Like other prestigious brands, the Gigaset Duo cordless phone offers the ability to have two phones and therefore the ability for two different people to use the same phone line (and all the other benefits).
  • Among the best duo phones we suggest the Gigaset A540 Duo, which among its features has the blacklist (up to 15 numbers), the  C530 A Duo (equipped with voicemail), the  E260 Duo (also ideal for older people) and the  aS470 Duo (cordless phone with a stylish design).

Gigaset Trio Cordless Phones

  • With the  Trio wireless terminals, of course, the double advantages that we already enjoy with the duo terminals are tripled . For example, if we could use a single phone with a 50-number phonebook, we would have a 150-number phonebook if we bought three models of the same phone. And in each terminal we can register different contacts. This is just one example of the tripled profits.
  • And if you are interested in the trio cordless phones, take a look at these models.

 Phones: Opinions And Features

  • The Gigaset mobile phone offers several features. Let’s start with the possibility of being able to deactivate the sound of the doorbell at night, so that no one can disturb, even by accident, your well-deserved rest after a hard day’s work. The same can be done if the caller is anonymous. Even in this specific case, if you set the appropriate function, the Gigaset cordless phone will not emit any sound. These functions are available, for example, on the Gigaset AS405.
  • The audio quality is also guaranteed when the handsfree, thanks to the HSPTM technology is used. We would like to point out that all Gigaset phones are Eco Dect, allowing you to take full advantage of the features of these cordless phones. It allows, in fact, not only a good saving of electricity, but also the respect of our health, since the emission of radio waves is drastically reduced.
  • Not all Gigaset terminals have an answering machine. Only models with an “A” at the end have it, for example the Gigaset A 540A. Also carefully evaluate the presence of the loudspeaker, since it is not always present if you opt for basic terminals (but as said it depends on the model, since for example the Gigaset AS160 has it even if it is a basic terminal).
  • Among the various functions we mention the caller ID, to show the name of the person who calls us (a feature with which it is equipped, for example, the Gigaset E310). The intercom mode is also useful, so you can put the headset in your child’s room and, with the appropriate settings, if he wakes up, the home phone will alert you (a function found, for example, in the Gigaset SL350).

Gigaset Mobile Phones: Prices

  • There are so many Gigaset terminals that it is possible to “get lost” among the wide variety of models . Different products that, consequently, have very “oscillating” prices . That is, you can find both cordless phones with a low purchase price, such as the Gigaset A270.

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