What Is CRM Sales Management Software

What Is CRM Sales Management Software

With our CRM sales management software , we will have the file of any client or supplier that is in our database when they contact us through any of our communication channels (mail, telephone, social networks, etc.).

At + IP we integrate IP telephony with CRM data so that when you receive a call you will have all the customer’s information on your screen.

In the same way, when you want to call a client you can do so by clicking on the phone number on their file and managing everything through our CRM sales management software .

Know the customer :

Getting ahead of your customer’s needs can be the difference between winning or losing a sale. Our data management program offers you basic data in real time to offer a good service such as:

  • Customer file with your specific data.
  • Business rules for this type of customer (segmentation, prioritization).
  • Incidents and previous requests.
  • Alerts with possible incidents, offers and promotions for that client.

Design A Customized Offer Or User Experience.

That the client perceives a personal treatment is one of the most important points to close a sale.

+ IP CRM Software 

The + IP data management CRM program will help you improve different functions in the sales and customer service area, interconnecting them and increasing the productivity of your operators and agents.

Operational CRM

Automate the Sales and Marketing area. It optimizes the management of the different sales, marketing and customer service functions and integrates it in a single platform.

  • Integrated customer information across all channels
  • Personal information
  • Products and services contracted
  • Conditions of the same
  • Billing
  • Groups to which it belongs (family or business)
  • Business opportunities, etc.
  • Design, planning, execution and monitoring of campaigns
  • Customer segmentation
  • Definition of shipping mailing
  • Argumentary, etc.
  • Commercial agenda
  • Plan visits
  • Calls or proposals, etc.

Our CRM sales management software is fully customizable and adapts to the needs of the company. The program is scalable and you can expand your applications quickly and easily.

Data Analytics CRM

+ IP’s data management program allows you to analyze customer data and information for trends, troubleshooting, patterns, and more.

Our CRM software allows you to integrate all the channels that your company uses to communicate with your customers and suppliers. (Front Office + Website + E-mail + Fax + Telephone).

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