8 Marketing Actions To Boost Your Business In 2021 - Check The List

8 Marketing Actions To Boost Your Business In 2021

Today we want to share some marketing tips to boost your business.

The Best Ideas To Grow Your Business

1. The importance of the brand

Let’s start with one of the most important questions: the graphic identity of your business must be updated and always visible. It is your business card and the way others recognize you, so you should give it the time it deserves.

Maybe this year, after what we’ve been through, is a good time to rebrand and change the style a bit. Ask your acquaintances and clients, talk to an advertising agency and try different ideas. A face lift can be very interesting.

2. Networking : connect with your peers

Surely you are more than used to chatting with customers and suppliers, even with some you will have a strengthened relationship after some coffee together. But, have you ever stopped to think that there are more companies like yours?

The time when we saw equals as competition is long gone, now the smartest thing to do is to join forces and share experiences and knowledge. Small business alliances are what will lead us to a better future.

3. Find what Google says about you

Nowadays all your clients have internet access, and if they want to have information about something they just need to ask Google. That is why it is so important that you know what is said about you on the web, both positive and negative .It is the best marketing strategy for beginners.

Online reputation is an important pivot on which to work so that new business opportunities appear in this new year. Try to position your page in the first positions of the search engine, stand out from the others with some value that identifies you and have an active presence on social networks.

4. Define your best social network

And since we are talking about social networks, it is time to put them to work. Having a profile on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and TikTok will not do you any good if they are empty of content. And much less if your potential client is not there.

If you know your buyer persona and understand that your product or service is not universal (because it is not), try to focus your efforts on the social network (s) that connect with your audience. Interaction with them, relevant content and customer service are three fundamental pillars in social media.it is one of the best practice for marketing.

5. Digital or physical? A newsletter that will make you fall in love

The mailing or newsletters are a great way to keep your assets and potential clients to the top of all your news. Use tools like Mailchimp to work properly and try testing to improve the results.

Online shipping not working? Try going back to the physical elements: a simple card or brochure that can be read in less than ten seconds is a great way to convey important information. It is the best marketing strategy.

6. Storytelling is the best sales pitch

List one after another the characteristics of your product or service and the conditions of the very good promotion that you offer right now is not the best way to sell yourself. Go from the benefits of your business to what it would really mean for your client, and let them know through storytelling .

Stories and stories are part of our conception as human beings, so it will be much easier for you to convince others if you are able to catch them with one. An unexpected problem and a happy ending are easy to remember, and they will be the best way to tell you how your business can help others.

7. Audiovisual content above all

The mobile phones in our pockets are very powerful tools if we know how to use them wisely. Beyond looking at the time three times in a row, reading some stealth email at untimely hours or procrastinating a bit on social networks; their cameras can give your business an absolute boost.

Take advantage of both live and edited videos with simple and free applications to provide content to your viewers. Showing products or your location, answering customer questions or launching exclusive offers are just some of the ideas that you can implement in video format. This is also the best marketing tactic used by many pros.

8. Is it time to start a blog? Or better the podcast format?

We end this review with one of those New Year’s forecasts, but this time you are going to fulfill: you are going to launch a blog or a podcast. Adapting a section of your website to generate really interesting content (every two weeks, every month, etc.) will not only make many people interested in what you have to say; it will also help Google to position you in the best way.

The podcast format is also on the rise, something so simple that we can currently create it directly from our phone. A few minutes to accompany your listeners on the way to work or while having breakfast; and you will be part of their day to day without much work.

You have already seen it, your business can grow significantly during the next year with just a little effort and a not very high investment. Try different ideas and work with a unique tone of your brand that is recognizable and appropriate. Little by little you will see the benefits and you will make 2021 the time to scale your company.


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