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What Is Branding And Why Is It Important?

Kevin Johansen already said “ Everything has a logo ”, but branding is more than the logo. Branding is a long-term strategy that allows us to position ourselves in the mind of the user associated with certain values, but above all to enter their ” Top of mind “. The tools to achieve this are very varied and we will see them throughout this article.

What Is Branding?

Branding is the work that is done so that a brand has a unique and recognizable name and image, seeking to create a set of sensations and determined perceptions about the public or its potential clients.

Branding is often spoken of as the process of creating a brand, however, the truth is that branding is something that is done every day in a company. Although it is true that the foundations of the construction of a brand are given in its first steps or even before it was born, changes are being made about the brand that make it evolve or even change completely.

Why Is Branding Important?

Today branding is essential to build a brand identity that distinguishes us and elevates us above other products and services. In this way, it is possible to identify that the brand is more familiar to the user and also links it to certain ideas with the advantages that this implies. The most representative image of this association is, for example, that of the Coca Cola brand with the idea of ​​happiness.

Companies increasingly value branding as an intangible of the company that is impossible to emulate or imitate by its competition. For this reason, more and more advertising and marketing campaigns are intended to build the brand image or branding that allows them to differentiate themselves from the rest. For this, emotional marketing, branded content and storytelling are frequently used as communication tactics that help to better connect with your audience and instil in them the ideas and values ​​that the brand tries to convey. In this sense, the case of Red Bull is worth mentioning. that with a strategy of branded content is managing to associate itself with the adventure idea, linking itself to extreme sports and different representations of modern culture.

What Aspects Are Taken Into Account In The Branding Of A Company?

Corporate branding covers a huge number of aspects within a company and is linked to almost all the processes that are carried out in it. In the first place, there are those that are more obvious, such as:

Visual Elements

These are effectively those elements that we can capture by sight and that convey a series of ideas to us in an intuitive way, such as the logo, corporate colours, typography, etc.

Abstract Elements

They are those elements that transmit more complex ideas of our brand, such as the copy of our ads, the content of the publications we make on social networks, the values ​​we transmit through advertising, etc.

Cultural Elements

It is a very varied set of factors that can mark the idea that users have of us: our philosophy, corporate social responsibility, customer service, the way in which crisis management is carried out, etc.

However, in the end, the very operation of the company can deeply mark the orientation of a brand’s branding, the way in which it works or those things that customers value most about our company can help us build a coherent brand image. Because while it is true that products or services will hardly meet the expectations of feelings or sensations created through branding, they must “suggest” them in some way. Therefore, if for example, we were talking about a courier company, you cannot base your branding on the security of the shipments that are made with you if numerous packages are lost in the course of your work.

From Corporate Branding To Personal Branding

Over the years, the professionals themselves have begun to give greater importance to their personal brand, carrying out branding tasks in order to stand out from the rest of the professionals in the sector and create an image within it. This has also coincided with the proliferation of freelancers for whom their personal brand is another tool for selling their services and, sometimes, the most important. However, this trend is not only closed to freelancers or freelancers but also the personal brand has become a way to stand out from the rest of the candidates in a job offer.


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