Facebook Page How To Create A Facebook Page For Your Company

How To Create A Facebook Page For Your Company [2021]

In this article I will teach you, step by step, how to create a Facebook page for companies and also how to configure the essential aspects for its optimal operation.

It is true that, today, the organic reach of the publications on a Fan Page is smaller than a while ago, but that does not discourage you from creating a Facebook page if you have a company or business, since, without she will not be able to advertise on one of the social networks with the highest number of active users.

So, if you’re wanting to know how to create a Facebook fan page, make yourself comfortable because we’re going to do it.

What Is A Facebook Page Or Fan Page?

First of all, you have to put yourself in a situation and know what a Fan page or company account on Facebook is.

A company page is a communication channel created exclusively for companies and businesses to have a presence on the Facebook social network. In this way, a Fan Page becomes the main means of communication between a brand and its followers.

What Are The Differences Between A Personal Profile And A Facebook Page?

  • If you have a business and want to have a presence on Facebook as a brand, I am going to show you the main differences between a personal profile and a company page, so that you are aware of the functions that each one has.
  • A profile is intended for exclusively personal use, since the social network itself does not allow commercial uses, while the Facebook page is focused on brands, companies and businesses .
  • In the personal profile, users add you as friends, while in the pages they “like” it and become followers .
  • In personal profiles you have a limit of up to 5,000 contacts or friends and in the Fan Page there is no limit of users to follow you.
  • In a profile the level of personalization is low compared to that of a page.
  • The profiles have specific fields of information for a natural person (studies, place of birth, etc.). On the other hand, in the pages the fields to be covered are information from the most commercial point of view (hours, contact, location, testimonials, etc.)
  • In a personal profile you cannot carry out advertising campaigns with Facebook Ads , while in a Fan Page you can.
  • The personal profile can only be managed by one person. By contrast, Facebook

How To Create A Facebook Page Step By Step

Company pages are created from a personal profile, that is, you cannot create a Facebook page without first having a profile .

Step 1 – Start Creating A Facebook Page

The first thing you have to do is log in with the personal profile from which you want to create the Fan Page, as you will automatically become its administrator.

Once you are inside, in the upper right margin press the + (create) button. A drop-down menu will appear where you will select the “page” section.

Step 2 – Se Up Your Page

  • Name of the page (required).
  • Category (mandatory): you enter the terms that identify your business or activity and a list with several options is displayed where you have to choose your category.
  • Description (optional), but totally recommended.
  • Once you have completed all the information, you can click on the “create page” button to continue the process.

Step 3 – Select A Profile And Cover Image For Your Page

This is the most visual step in creating a Facebook page, as you have to upload a profile and cover image .

  • Take very seriously that the layout and size of Facebook images are appropriate.
  • Choose dimensions of 500 x 500 for the profile image .
  • For the cover image the dimensions are 851 x 315.
  • Some important recommendations when uploading a profile and cover image :
  • Make sure that the images do not look pixelated and are of quality . To do this, upload them in .PNG format
  • Make the images match the theme of your company.
  • Do not upload images that do not convey the brand values ​​of your business.
  • Take into account the branding of your brand : colors, fonts, effects, etc.

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