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All You Need To Know About Local SEO

Here we are again to tell you about local SEO , because we will not tire of repeating that if you want a position, you have to take it into account.

As we told you recently in the SEO Trends , we have to flood our friend the Google search engine with content, and one way to do it is with the Publications in the Google My Business tabs.

More and more users are using their mobile device to search , and having your company file in GMB allows you to have a greater presence on the Internet. What better way to use all possible tools together well in our communication strategy and organic search engine positioning ? In addition, Google My Business is one more tool that you can use in your omnichannel strategy .

 Whether you have e-commerce, a bar, a factory, an office, a store  let them find you! And the best thing, tell all those people who are on the net all your news, promotions and encourage them to take a look on the web and / or stop by your store .

 How To Publish On Google My Business And Improve Local SEO

Once you have published and optimized the file (here we remind you of the Google My Business guide to know how to do it), you are ready to start publishing in it. There are several types of publications: product, news, event and offers:

  • As for Product , it will be necessary to put the name of the same, the price, or the interval of the same, and a description (of up to 1500 characters). There is always an option to add a button, which should not be missed. The names of this button in all types of publications can be: Book, Order online, Buy, More information, Register and Call now.
  • In News the structure is similar, the only thing that there is no option to put prices or name of the product, simply photo, description and button.
  • If we want to publish an Event , we will be able to indicate the dates of the event and the time.
  • In Offer publications , in addition to everything mentioned, if it exists, the Coupon Code, the Link to redeem the offer and the Terms and Conditions can be added. In addition, if you put the links with UTMs, from Google Analytics it will be very easy to track them.

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